Dr Spiezia: Background & Philosophy

Doctor of medicine, medical herbalist and renowned skin expert, Dr Mariano Spiezia has been dubbed a 21st century Nicholas Culpeper. He brings a lifetime of investigation and study into our skin and overall health with his Inlight formulations.

Dr Spiezia graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Italy in the early 1980s, and has since worked on combining orthodox medicine with the extraordinary power of nature. Medical herbalist and skin expert he practices at The Walsingham Natural Health Centre in Truro, Cornwall. With a passion for science, alchemy and wellness, Dr Spiezia actively takes part in discussions, research and contributions to both scientific and beauty fields in Italy as well as in the UK.


"Having been trained in Homeopathy and Clinic Phytotherapy as well as in Medicine and Surgery, I’ve been able to observe the functions of the human body from different angles. My observations have totally confirmed Dr Hering’s law (doctor & homeopath who introduced homeopathy into the USA in the 1800s) ‘‘the vital energy within the body works from the inside to the outside in order to clear inner toxicity’."

“Health and science have a beauty within them, the beauty which stems from chemical and physical processes at the basis of life itself; there can be no finer beauty than that of atoms dancing together in the mesmerising harmony of laws which stabilise this planet and which are in constant evolution .... Every symbol on the Inlight products is the visual expression of that unique, vibrational ‘dance’.”


Mariano has been considered the father of the organic beauty movement in Britain having worked with the Soil Association to define the first organic beauty standards back in 2001 with his first skincare company. He has been voted by the beauty industry as one of the top 25 “Who’s who in natural beauty” in 2012, 2013, 2015 and again in 2016.

Mariano possesses a love and profound knowledge and curiosity for the kingdom of plants that makes him a charismatic and compelling innovator. Today he meticulously researches and formulates extraordinary 100% organic skincare elixirs and effective, healing skin balms based on a perfect synergy of chemistry and medical herbalism, with one very important X-factor, and the one ingredient that money cannot buy – a sheer, exuberant delight for life.

Dr Spiezia regularly contributes with tips and advice to the Inlight BLOG and Sublime Magazine