Detox & Revive Programme

Inlight’s Detox & Revive Programme is a comprehensive
4 week plan
designed to clear, cleanse and energise you at all levels.

It features a selection of complementary skincare and wellness products chosen by Dr. Spiezia to deliver health and beauty inside and out.

Help to re-focus with our easy to follow 'how to' manual which includes breathing exercises, dietary guidance, and a detailed skincare routine.

Also includes our NEW Flower Feast Facial Steam

Product Info

Our wholesome 4 week Programme is an easy to follow journey into renewed beauty. Each Programme includes:

Dr. Spiezia's detox tips & 'how to' manual
-Flower Feast Facial Steam 30g
-Beauty Glove
-Face Cleanser 45ml
-Floral Tonic 200ml
-Super Food-Mask 25ml
-Foot Balm 5ml
-Detox & Revive Herbal Tea Fusion 50g


How To Use

Our Programme comes with an easy to follow 'How to' manual for all included products, as well as lifestyle tips and guidance.

Key Benefits

“We often look for ‘experts’ to drive our lives or detox our system and forget how intelligent our own body is or how much wisdom our mind and soul have absorbed over the years.

We just need to pause and listen…

Detox & Revive Programme is a summary of what has worked for me and close friends or patients over the years. Often it is hard to make time for yourself to regenerate, so I have put together a few simple and very do-able everyday steps to help detox & revive your body, mind and soul.”


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