Mini Super-Food Revive

This power packed gift set pairs the uplifting and rejuvenating Super-Food Mask with our delicate toner for a skin boosting home facial.

The award-winning restorative Super-Food Mask will detoxify and repair skin, great for post party skin. Combine it with our delicate alcohol free floral toner to balance and refresh.

Contains Super-Food Mask 5ml, Floral Tonic 5ml, Wooden Spatula and organic cotton pads.


Suitable for all skin types.

Product Info

Super-Food Mask

Packed with spirulina which is rich in cholophyll to detoxify the skin, with barley grass and rose hip oil to repair – the combined synergy stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to plump, firm and refresh the skin. This treatment mask can be used once a week to maintain the skin in peak condition.

Key benefits:

- revives tired, opaque and dull complexions

- gently exfoliates without chemical peels

- high antioxidant activity tackles blemishes and redness

- immediately draws out impurities

- delivers improved elasticity and hydration instantly and over time


Floral Tonic

Extremely gentle to even the most sensitive skin this super emollient floral tonic has been formulated to complement our masks and cleanser for an optimum pH balanced beauty regime. Leaves skin soft and revived.

Key benefits:

- cools, tones and refreshes

- prepares skin for best absorption of moisturiser

- leaves complexion looking fresh

How To Use

With your fingertips massage a thin, even layer of the mask over clean skin. Lie back and relax for 10 to 20 minutes and then remove with a soft beauty glove or an organic cotton wool pad dampened with Inlight Floral Tonic.

You can also remove the mask with a warm, damp cloth or cotton wool pad if preferred, followed by Inlight Floral Tonic which will add the refreshing touch to your glowing and radiant skin. 


Please refer to the individual product pages for the full list of ingredients

Super-Food Revive

Floral Tonic

Our Secret

The Bio Lipophilic Matrix®


Every Inlight product features Dr Spiezia’s Bio Lipophilic Matrix®- a blend of organic,cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the skin.

These super concentrated oils are energized using a patented technique where science meets alchemy to heighten the oils’ vital force.


All matter is surrounded by its own vibrational energy, as we know from Quantum Physics. Each Inlight alchemic symbol is the visual expression of the product’s unique vibrational “dance” and helps fine-tune you with the product archetype, going beyond the obvious appearance.


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