15 years of Inlight Beauty

In 2006, on Roskilly’s organic dairy farm, in the depths of Cornwall, Loredana & Mariano Spezia launched Inlight Beauty. The husband & wife duo brought with them not only a huge wealth of medical, herbal & alchemical experience, but also an inexhaustible enthusiasm for health, wellbeing and life.
The aim? To bring beauty to life through healthy and radiant skin without costing the earth. 

The last 15 years have been a journey of learning, growth & success.
We caught up with the co-founders to reminiscent…

Dr and Mrs Spiezia, what are the most memorable moments for you?

Some journeys are too memorable to be erased by the sands of time and Inlight Beauty is for us a true ‘collection’ of memorable events!

The journey starts with a personal holistic approach to pain and illness when running a detox centre in the 80’s and then meeting some old standing friends who, like us, had devoted their lives to wellbeing. And it ends with a mission.

  • Very first memorable moment goes back to 2005 in a tiny Cornish cottage. We were day dreaming on a happier world together with the Rocco family. That memorable day evolved in our partnership project for good.
  • Another fond memory is our first Lab at Roskilly’s Farm in the small old fudge factory encouraged by the Roskilly family who literally adopted us.
  • Unforgettable also the first production ready to leave the premises. We all ‘hugged’ the pallet, waived at the van leaving and celebrated with the biggest ice cream ever!
  • The most magic was making trials one night with no lights but the moonlight!
  • Amazing seeing Fenwick’s window in Bond Street with a huge Inlight poster.
  • Grand and memorable one of our first customer who wrote ‘when you step into the ‘Inlight’ you can’t go back!’
  • Being asked to be official contributors to one of the Royals’ books!



 Inlight packaging has seen a few makeovers over the years

What were the most difficult and how did you overcome them?

The most challenging time was the ‘credit crunch’ with the crisis altering the western financial world, opening a big door of uncertainty in all sectors.

Once I read: “Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the difference.”

Our motto was: activate your motivation to grow your resilience.

We had to reshape both strategy and positioning in the market. It was tough, but at the same time the opportunity to reconfirm our brand’s values and mission. The outcome was a sound step in the evolution and growth of Inlight.


What was the most ‘fun’ product to develop and why?

  • The most interesting products with lots of fun sides in the making have been Chocolate and Super-food face mask. Sourcing the right ingredients wasn’t at all easy and the formula itself was challenging so we went through months of trials to perfection it. And there came the fun! At the end of each trial we were all covered in green spirulina looking like Hulk with Super-food and very Moorish with the chocolate dust when trialling Chocolate mask!


What’s your favourite aspect of the business?

  • Thinking that with our magic products we are reconnecting People to Nature manifesting the Beauty of Life at 360 degrees.


Where would you like to see Inlight in the next 15 years?

Transforming lots more skin and souls having Labs in different countries to also encourage sustainability. One of the dream that still hasn’t come to life in our first 15 years is having our own land to grow the flowers and herbs we use. So to have the complete cycle. Not that easy with the UK weather! We would like to see Inlight Team sharing the educational part with people who want to comprehend Nature more, including children who are our tomorrow.