Skin Concerns

Our 100% organic balms & oils are formulated to work with the skin to help ease common skin complaints.


You may wonder about the merits of using oil-based products on oily skin. In fact, using oils will actually help balance the skin sebum and avoid the overproduction of oil often caused as a result of over scrubbing and cleansing. Being close in composition to the skin’s own sebum, Inlight products are easily absorbed and keep pores clear. You will notice your skin becoming less oily over time, and that combination skin appears more uniform.

Oils and balms are rich and concentrated, a small amount goes a long way.


Being 100% organic our products are suitable for all types of sensitive skin and skin prone to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As Dr Spiezia always says, the skin is a reflection of our inner selves. Whilst a balm cannot cure internal imbalances, it can help to reduce inflammation while nourishing and moisturising the skin. Our Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm has proven highly effective.


A sound and effective cleansing and moisturising routine is a key foundation for healthy, balanced skin. Acne and rosacea are inflammatory skin conditions related closely to inner hormone levels. An effective and deep acting cleanser, combined with a calming and soothing moisturiser can together really help by effectively removing toxins and impurities, keeping pores open and maintaining optimum skin health.

Tip: If the skin is not clean when you moisturise, the dirt and toxins will remain blocked on the skin, blocking the pores.

After cleansing and/or moisturising we recommend applying our antiseptic Propolis & Tea Tree Rescue Balm directly on to break-outs.


We have been asked to clarify if it is ok to use coconut oil on acne prone skin as some people consider it comedogenic. We posed the question to Dr. Spiezia, he says:

Coconut oil is highly moisturising and very effective on the skin thanks to its content of lauric and capric acids. These components are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Lauric acid is particularly effective to tackle the bacteria linked to acne (P. acnes) and it’s also found in breast milk, which means it is easily recognised and welcomed by our system.

Coconut can be theoretically slightly comedogenic, but this depends on the of the quality of skin and the amount used. It is of course important to use organic and cold pressed coconut oil. But aside from what you’re actually applying to your skin, stress, hormones imbalance, diet, your lifestyle, use of synthetic makeup, etc. can all contribute to blackheads and acne. Therefore, without considering the full picture, we cannot affirm that coconut oil is comedogenic!

We use Organic Coconut oil in different percentage in some of our products, to take advantage of its highly moisturising and antibacterial properties. We blend it with some complimentary botanical extracts in a synergic positive action. The results have been great so far even on acne prone skin.


'I am 100% happy with the products. My skin is hydrated and smooth and nearly acne free after a month of using them. ll be definitely buying them again and trying some other ones too.

Daniela Wood, after using our 'essential trio'.


We can reassure customers that the gluten in barley grass is found in the seed. By contrast we use barley grass leaves extract. Also, gluten allergy is related to the ingestion of specific grains containing such protein, not to the epidermal cosmetic application.

Having said that, if you have sensitivity or allergy to gluten, we do advise a small patch test on the inside of the elbow which you should monitor for 24 hours.


Menopause can bring many noticeable changes to the way we feel, mentally and physically including changes to our skin and hair. These include thinner and drier skin, poorer circulation and stiffer joints. Our products are ideal to help with these changes, without disrupting the skin. You can find top product tips as well as menopause advice HERE.


We often get asked if our products are suitable during and after cancer treatment. Being 100% organic and oil based, our ranges are great to give back the skin moisture and nutrients. We have had some great testimonials:

Nicki writes:

"I had a mastectomy a year ago and had the Line Softener Intensive ready to use on my scar as soon as it was healed. I had already experienced the great results on an earlier scar after a broken collar bone and the scar is pretty much invisible.

"Then when my hair all came out and my scalp became dry and itchy I turned to my other handy favourite - Calendula & Damask Rose Soothing Balm. I use it as an intensive hand moisturiser every night anyway so just rub it into my scalp now too and it soothes straight away.

"People keep commenting that I look far too well for someone going through Cancer treatment and that’s possibly due to the lovely healthy glow you get from using the Inlight products. My daily dose of Face oil is like wrapping your skin in a beautiful veil when you apply it..."

We always advise to do a skin patch test with any new product especially on sensitive skin - we suggest applying a small amount of the new product just inside the elbow, and leave for a few hours. The skin on the inside of the elbow is quite sensitive, so an ideal area to test new products.