Especially For

Dr Spiezia has developed formulas that are ‘recognised’ by the skin, to work with it to balance and restore without disrupting its microbiome: ‘The body recognises the synergy in the molecular structure of our formulas and works with the active ingredients to promote its natural health and wellness’.

Our 'Especially For' collections will guide you to the best products and pairings for specific skin concerns. All our collections are FREE from SLS, Parabens, Phthalate, Alcohol, Palm oil and Synthetics and are vegetarian friendly. Do get in touch should you need further assistance.

Science-backed Results - Hyperspectral Study

Science-backed Results - Hyperspectral Study

  • Bespoke techniques during production show a
    positive impact on the matter emitting 1/3 more photons,proving a greater vitality of the active ingredients.
  • Higher Thermal activity: better blood & lymphatic flow.
  • More luminosity & radiance: higher biophotons emission from the skin.
  • Lower entropy: optimum self-organisation at a molecular level resulting in a more effective and uniform interaction with the skin, immediately upon application and ever greater over time.

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