Oils vs Creams

Waterless Beauty & Skincare

In all ancient traditions worldwide oils have been used to protect, moisten and nourish the skin, the reason being that oils are very similar to the skin sebum, one of the components of the skin’s hydrolipidic layer whose function is to protect the skin from the outside.

Why Waterless?

We believe in oil based skincare not just out of personal preference, but because evidence proves it's a much more effective approach to healthy, clean, radiant skin as well as being more sustainable.

Here's Why:

Avoiding water in our ingredients means no need of preservatives and/or synthetics (that would otherwise be absorbed by your skin & the earth)

Waterless means much more concentrated and pure products. Why dilute nature?

Less IS more; waterless skincare is used much more sparingly than water-based – did you know most common creams are made of 90% water?

By avoiding the use of water we are helping conserve this precious resource.

Oils, in contrast to water, have the ability to capture and store the goodness of botanical ingredients. These form the base of all our skincare ranges.

While it's true that our bodies need water, skincare products do not. The skin is impermeable, meaning it cannot absorb water – the main ingredient in most skincare.

Our water free formulas mimic the composition of the skin’s natural sebum, allowing each ingredient to work on and with the skin, and resulting in highly effective and quickly absorbed products.

Unlike water based creams and lotions, oil-based beauty products require no synthetic/chemical additives or preservatives. And despite the common misconception that oil-based products shouldn't be used on oily skin, they can in fact help to regulate & balance the overproduction of oil.

Our raw ingredients - flowers, herbs, stems and roots - are infused in cold pressed oils - olive, jojoba, coconut - for over a month, before being pressed and filtered by hand. The final touch is the addition of essential oils or beeswax, nothing else.

FAQs - Waterless Beauty

Yes, most definitely. It may sound counterintuitive, but oil based skincare is actually better for oily and combination skin than water based creams.

We use only organic ingredients and for our oils we use only cold pressed oils - olive, jojoba, coconut.

Unlike water based products, oil based skincare requires no preservatives, they are able to better capture the benefits of our botanicals and they are more concentrated - did you know that most waterbased creams are made of 90% water?

Yes. Some of our first time customers experience a 'settling in' period when they start a new skincare routine, but it shouldn't last for long.

Science backed results

Science backed results

A Hyperspectral Study has confirmed that this unique artisan production method has positive and visible results on our skin, upon application and over time, including:

  • More luminosity & thermal activity: higher biophotons emission from the skin and better blood & lymphatic flow.
  • Lower entropy: optimum self-organisation at a molecular level resulting in a more
    effective and uniform interaction with the skin.

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