What is an organic cosmetic?
An organic cosmetic is one whose ingredients (minimum 95%) are of natural origin and certified organic by an accrediting body which is officially recognised in the country of origin. The laboratory and production methods are also inspected and certified according to established organic standards. The INLIGHT products are certified in UK by the Soil Association who prohibits the use of GMOs.

What does 100% organic mean?
100% organic means that every single ingredient is certified organic.

What does homeopathically friendly mean?
This means that no product contains any ingredient such as mint, camphor or eucalyptus which could interfere with the action of a homeopathic remedy. In addition, the INLIGHT products work to purify and nourish the skin thereby making it more healthy and better able to discharge waste from the body, such an important part of the delicate healing process in homeopathy.

My skin is oily, can I use oil-based products?
Yes. The INLIGHT products aim to nourish the skin and restore its own natural balance, so the skin will only absorb as much as it needs. Everybody’s skin produces oily substances from its sebaceous glands in order to protect itself from viral, bacterial or fungal infections and to keep itself well hydrated with this protective ‘barrier’ which slows down the evaporation of water from the skin. Of course an oily skin will absorb less oil, so we advise that only a very little product is used and that any excess is subsequently removed. This is particularly relevant for the face. Our best recommendations for oily skin are the Face Cleanser and Floral Tonic which both have a cleansing, nourishing and astringent action.

In any case we recommend treating an oily skin problem with a healthy diet and good hygiene, or by seeking medical advice to establish its cause.

My skin is dry, can I use oil-based products?
Yes. The INLIGHT products aim to nourish the skin and restore its natural balance, so the skin will only absorb as much as it needs. A dry skin will need a greater quantity of product than a normal or oily one.

My skin is normal, can I use oil-based products?
Yes. The INLIGHT products aim to nourish the skin and restore its natural balance, so the skin will only absorb as much as it needs.

I find it difficult to use the INLIGHT balms, they are too thick, what can I do to apply them properly?
Take up a little of the product with the spatula included and leave on a finger tip for a minute or two to warm it up before applying it to the skin. Massage in well in an increasingly wide circular motion.

Often the product is not completely absorbed, even after a whole night time, why is this?
As already indicated, the INLIGHT products aim to nourish the skin and restore its natural balance, so the skin will only absorb as much as it needs. The skin may need a few days of adjustment before responding fully to the INLIGHT treatment and absorb just the right quantity of product. In the meantime we recommend any excess be removed using the  Floral Tonic.

Can I use INLIGHT products after hair removal? 
Certainly, in fact we recommend them for their nourishing, anti-inflammatory and light antiseptic action, particularly INLIGHT  Foot & Leg Balm.

Can I use INLIGHT products after a facial?
Yes, they will help the skin re-establish its balance more quickly and gently after the aggressive action of the facial.

Can I use INLIGHT products after plastic surgery or on scars?
Certainly, in fact we recommend them, for their ability to nourish the skin and stimulate cell regeneration. The INLIGHT Line Softener Intensive and  Restorative Body Butter are particularly suitable for post surgical conditions.

Can I use INLIGHT products while pregnant?
Inlight products have no harmful side effects during pregnancy, indeed the Restorative Body Butter is highly recommended for use during this very sensitive period as it can help the skin maintain its elasticity and prevent the possible development of stretch marks.

I like sunbathing, can I use the body and face oil? Will they offer protection?
All the INLIGHT products have a natural but small sun protection factor inherent in their essential oils. The INLIGHT oils are not intended as tanning but rather as protective oils. They can help the skin combat the consequences of excessive dehydration from exposure to the sun.

I have acne, can I use the INLIGHT products?
Yes, for their cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, particularly the Face Cleanser and Floral Face Tonic. 

If I have skin problems, can I continue to use the INLIGHT products?
The INLIGHT products have been formulated by a medical doctor and homeopath particularly for sensitive skins and those with rosacea, acne or other problems so you can use them with confidence unless you have a specific sensitivity to one of the ingredients. In the case of more serious skin problems we recommend that other, non organic, products are not used alongside INLIGHT products, and that you seek the opinion of your doctor, and preferably a homeopath. 

In some places my skin has scars and harder patches, what can I do? 
INLIGHT Line Softener Intensive is particularly useful for softening scar tissue, keloids or any areas of hardened skin.

My products have melted in the heat, can I continue to use them?
Yes. They may melt when kept in temperatures over 37-40 ºC (remember that we use no additives) and we recommend keeping them in a cool environment away from direct sources of heat. They do not lose their properties when they melt, but should be put in a cold place such as the fridge until they have re-solidified at which point they can be used again.

My child has mistakenly put some of a product in her mouth, what should I do?
All the ingredients, apart from being organic, are also largely food grade which means edible, and therefore not harmful except where there is sensitivity to one specific ingredient. Where any product has been consumed, it is advisable to wipe any excess away with a tissue and offer a cup of fresh water to wash away any unpleasant taste! 

Can INLIGHT products be used in the most sensitive areas such as around the eyes? 
Most certainly, given the purity of the ingredients and the absence of any synthetic preservatives. The Face Cleanser is excellent for removing mascara and the Line Softener Intensive and Face Oil are particularly recommended to be used around the eyes. 

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