Science & Alchemy

Inlight beauty combines ancient alchemy and modern science techniques to maximise the energy and beauty of each ingredient, bringing beauty to life.

'Drawing on the stories and the spirit of observation of those who have preceded me, I have come to a deep understanding: for me beauty is a manifestation of what is inside, outside, above, below… it is a comprehensive alchemy combining aesthetics and feelings, emotions and passion, perceptions and sensitivity, numbers and geometry. Alchemy also has its place in this wonderful game: imagine taking multiple elements of nature and recombining them in a new way to produce something unique which reacts to our bodies, our lips, skin, our senses, by aligning its molecular vibrations to a higher level thus enabling our own body vibration to align to those of nature, the mother of us all. Harmony, beauty, nature, people, become one.’



Dr Spiezia’s patented matrix is at the heart of every skincare formulation. Research, alchemy and nature inspire and combine to create this unique oil blend, developed to give back to the skin the essential natural elements it needs to be nourished and regenerated. It also aids the skin's biochemical, physiological and immune processes, in turn encouraging the skin's exchanging, absorbing and detox activities.

The Bio-lipophilic Matrix® is naturally identified and accepted by the skin thanks to its similarity to the human sebum. This is made possible by the pure, natural origin of ingredients and the energetic frequency of the blend. At the same time this energetic vibration triggers the skin to retune itself to the primordial essence of health and harmony.

Inlight product Symbols

Each Inlight product is represented by an alchemic symbol. As is well known, all matter is surrounded by its own vibrational energy, so every Inlight alchemic symbol is the visual expression of the product’s unique, vibrational “dance”.

With each unique formulation comes the perfect fusion and vibration of particles, molecules and atoms.

Focusing on this will help the user become fine-tuned with the product archetype, going beyond the obvious appearance.


‘Ultimately any substance is made of billions of atoms, and passing through it, as if it were a calm, open sea, will enable us to reach the far shore that we long for. The symbols are like the light canoe that will help us get there. The vision and understanding of life and how it works is rapidly changing according to the new perspectives brought about by the laws of Quantum Physics. It is more and more evident that matter is “alive” and that it responds to our influences’.

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