Supreme Collection

    A celebration of beauty, love, passion, nature, science, alchemy and gratitude.

    "It's not about your age or skin type but about unveiling the radiance of your best self"

    The Inlight Supreme Collection contains rare age defying botanical extracts to stimulate regeneration of the skin and production of collagen, delivering potent nourishment and radiant youth, whatever your age. 

    Inlight Beauty Gems

    Nestled within the exquisite vials are precious gemstones, charged by bespoke energising techniques, to intensify the vibrations and subliminal messages making each product a "gem" in its own right.

    Why gemstones

    Made of clusters of minerals that have been around forever, gemstones also hold the memory of the beginning of life. They have been used for thousands of years to encourage wellness and beauty. Nowadays, we can also measure gemstones' high frequency which explains why we are so attracted by them.

    Crystals & gems are beautiful to look at and to hold, but for us they also interact with our body's energy field and reconnect to the original essence of creation bringing beauty to life.