A positive message for these challenging times

It's no secret that we are facing a once in a lifetime scenario. With so much worry, anxiety and stress around the uncertainties laying ahead we wanted to share some positivity and hope from our co-founder Dr Mariano Spiezia:

'By observing Nature you can learn a lot, even how to behave when a “storm” hits you: if you are flexible and elastic like a spike of wheat, the power of strong wind can only bend you, if you are rigid and oppose with resistance like an old pine tree, you’ll be more likely to break and fall down.  Elasticity and rigidity, whatever we apply to personal life or business, is an attitude connected to an open mind or a fearful one: 

- An open mind leads to tolerance, faith in Life, diversification, creating elasticity and ability to adapt.
- A fearful mind leads to fear, intolerance, narrow mindedness, doubts, focus in only one direction.
- The first is likely to secure our future, the latter will create rigidity and inability to change rapidly to new circumstances.

Applying this simple and natural consideration to what is happening with the Corona virus “problem” will give the answer to how to manage the concerns and our inner attitudes. This does not go against the Government's advice to wash your hands, avoid human contact etc; it instead considers your attitude, your mental and emotional state which also needs to be looked after under these circumstances.

Terror produces psychological paralysis and lack of oxygen in the system because of short breath, it depresses our immune response, creates isolation and reduces our intelligent holistic vision of the problem. Tuning ourselves to inner peace, love and comprehension expands our global vision, giving us more chances to know what to do. It also increases our oxygen level, stimulates the immune system and makes us more prone to the sense of community. As a result, whether we will be hit by Natural or “man-made” events, our body will be more physically and emotionally ready to self-protect, to resist without opposing, to react without rigidity, to adapt harmoniously where and when necessary.

Observing Nature and tuning ourselves to its extraordinary laws will help us understand ourselves, because we are the same… It will help us to better comprehend Life, its perfect mechanisms, and go with them, knowing that they will lead us towards the very center of Existence.'

Dr Mariano Spiezia

As health and wellness are at the heart of what we do, in this emergency time we wanted to reassure you that care and high hygiene standards precede and follow every step of our production and packing to safeguard both our Team and the products you order. Some of our staff will be working remotely but for now our offices are open as usual.

We are aware many retailers have had to close their doors, to help make this time a little easier we are offering FREE P&P for the foreseeable future (UK customers). More details HERE

Thinking of all our friends, family and customers around the world - stay positive, support one another - 'Walking together in the beauty of life will help us find beauty even in what’s happening.'