Beauty Sleep - your night treatment

There is a reason why we long for a good night of ‘beauty sleep’.
The difference in our appearance the morning after a good/bad night sleep is obvious; Lack of sleep can result in dull and puffy skin, dark circles around our eyes and a general feeling of 'ugh' low energy. 

A well rested sleep is essential to wake up alert and energised - Sleep is when our body and skin repairs itself. 

Our body is very busy during our 'reboot time' .

'All regenerative processes start working whilst we sleep, the energy we save by simply resting can be put to good use by our body, repairing damaged caused in the day by things such as sun exposure and pollution.' says Dr Spiezia. 

Skin is hotter at night and loses moisture faster, which is why a good overnight treatment to replenish water loss and moisturise is so important for healthy and clear skin (Cleansing is a must to clear the skin of any dirt gathered from the day, followed by a nourishing balm.)

Here a few things to know:

1) Skin produces more collagen whilst you sleep, this helps to plump and firm the skin - less likely to wrinkle. 

2) No sleep means dull skin - there's less blood flow when we are sleep deprived.

3) The skin absorbs most nutrients at night - this is when it's going through the renewal stage and when anti-ageing ingredients will have more impact.

Spotlight on Night Balm:

Our nutrient rich Night Balm has been formulated to feed, replenish and revitalise skin whilst you sleep. Starring Carrot seed oil, known for its anti-ageing properties, and with highly nourishing oils of macadamia & jojoba as well as those rich in antioxidants (Vitamins E, A, D, F contained in the sesame, sunflower, evening primrose oils) the collagen boosting treatment will help smooth lines, repair sun damage and allow your skin to look rested and happy upon waking.

Miriam says: ‘This Night Balm has a lovely smell of Lavender, helps me sleep and it is very rich with ingredients. It also helps me to sleep. After waking up my skin is very smooth and soft and being fed with all that my skin needs. I use it only small amount of it have had it almost a half of the year. I simply love it.'


Mother’s Day Set: Beauty Sleep Bijou


We’ve put together a great set for the optimum feel-good night treat, ideal for Mother’s day.

Our set features a Night Balm 7ml with Chocolate Mask 7ml and a floral tonic sample, presented in our new eco boxes with pink cotton ribbon.

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