For our NHS Angels - bespoke soothing balms

It has been so heart-breaking to see lives risked and so many taken by the Covid-19 pandemic, however it has also been so heart-filling to see our communities come together and our NHS ‘Angels’ work tirelessly to help us all.

We can all do our bit to support and sustain.

Following amazing feed-back from Medical Teams in different countries using Inlight Calendula & Damask Rose Balm on sore, over washed hands and overworked faces due to PPE, our work Team unanimously felt we had to step in.

A bespoke batch of our balm is in production right now and will be gifted to our Local Cornish NHS community during the first week of May 2020.
Over a thousand tubes will be distributed to medical staff in the surrounding hospitals and community centres nearby. The balm, usually in glass jars, is produced in recyclable tubes for ease.




A very big thank you to the Inlight Team for the extra work put in voluntarily for a quick turnaround and to our Penzance based printers - Headland Printers Ltd - who lovingly donated the labels.

A thank you also goes to all our customers for sharing the journey into beauty and wellness and of course to our formulator Dr Spiezia for creating such miraculous products.


It is so fulfilling to play a little part in supporting our Front-Line Angels who are giving their all for us. Helping others is the most honourable action.


We are currently offering an exclusive discount to NHS staff on all our ointments and our Deep Moisture Balm - please get in touch for more information.

You can purchase this balm in our usual MIRON glass jar HERE