Blue Patch Directory - The power of positive business

We are very excited at Inlight to be the newest member of the Blue Patch directory – the sustainable business directory that focus on exceptional products and services good for the planet and the circular economy, all picked from UK and Ireland. 

A social enterprise, Blue Patch invests all surplus profits into renewable energy and to support its members.

‘In 2019 we made our very first investment of 300 shares in Brighton Energy Cooperative’s Solar Schools. In 2020 we bought 250 shares in Low Carbon Hub, Oxfordshire. Our profit flows out not up – we support local enterprises that benefit both community and the environment.’

You will find services such as zero emission logistics, sustainable building contractors and recycled bespoke furniture as well as an array of products from organic products to children’s clothing and sustainable luxury skincare. 

The power of positive shopping

We have seen shopping trends changing over the last year; eco-mindful  consumers are on the rise with shopping habits changing, focusing more on wellbeing and the impact on the planet;

“With shop closures and restrictions, we’ve had to become more creative in the way we shop, and with more time we are scrutinising practices, and there is real appetite for businesses to reflect our values especially around kindness and the environment. At Blue Patch, these are the values we want to showcase as such, the businesses that we promote have to demonstrate these credentials.” Says Jane Langley, CEO and Founder of Blue Patch.

Sharing the same strong belief in the power of collective change through small changes, we look forward to actively collaborate with Blue Patch and like minded businesses to continue spreading our passion and love for a sustainable future filled with beauty.