Bringing beauty to life to the next generation.

There’s something very special with working with your family, especially when the same passion, ethos and life philosophy are shared. Inlight Beauty was co-founded by Dr Mariano and Loredana Spiezia back in 2007; little they knew that in years to come, more of their family would join the journey.

Their daughter Maria Chiara, joined the team back in 2013 as a temp job (she is still with us)  following some years travelling and teaching in Asia.

‘After my degree in Journalism I took some years to work and volunteer around the world, before returning to Cornwall. Travelling opened my mind and heart in many different ways, I was determined that once back in the UK I would want to find a job that allowed my creativity to ‘flourish’. A job with a real purpose which could leave a positive impact somehow.’ She explains. 'I joined inlight Beauty part time, not thinking I would enjoy the work as much as I did and a bit worried about having my mother as boss. Surprisingly, we discovered we had a lot in common in our approach and ideas, and I soon found that learning from her was not daunting but actually challenged and inspired me instead. We do of course still have very strong own opinions we call ‘dynamic tensions’ but have learned over time that the answer can be found in the middle. My job role as changed and progressed over the years which has given me such a great insight in the many aspects of the business. I feel so privileged to have been able to grow with the brand and put my stamp in its re-branding and positioning in the market. The brand’s ethos and philosophy reflect my beliefs, knowing I can work with a real, authentic, sustainable company that makes a difference in people’s lives as well as our environment, is just fantastic.’


Their son Francesco joined the Lab Team in 2019 and like Maria Chiara just to ‘help out’ temporarily. ‘My passion lies in the outdoor, I never thought I’d join the family business. It’s strange where life takes you sometimes, it’s so important to go with the flow and take on the opportunities that often show up when we least expect them’ – says Francesco - I have always sponsored nature encouraging outdoor engagement, having been brought up in a family with strong commitment to anything natural/organic/sustainable, life outdoor has been the  normal way to recharge the battery and the best way to reconnect to myself at any time. Little did I know, I was harnessing my father’s passion and teachings within my daily life working with him so close. I now really enjoy every part of the production stages; I am with nature at every step. I have discovered a natural attitude at problem solving and take pride in maintaining the high quality work my dad started and add my own creativity to his’.


Following his father’s footstep but leaving his own unique imprinting, Franscesco is a fantastic creative force in the lab, and a great addition to the Inlight team.


Their eldest son Marco now lives and works back in Italy as CEO of a company in the health industry following the same family ethos. Even if not involved in the daily running of the family business, Marco is a great support through consulting and spreading the message wherever he goes!


No doubt working so closely with family can have its ups and downs…but passing on a family business from generation to generation, understanding how to mix business with family, result in unique success fueled by appreciation, pride, identity, hopes and dreams. We are very fortunate that all members of our fabulous team share all of this. It is the balanced synergy between everyone in the making, handling, sending and promoting that make our beauty collections so unique and effective.