Combatting Eye Fatigue

They say that the eyes are a window to the soul;

No wonder most of us want to keep our eyes and eye contour healthy.
With our fast paced lives spending more time in front of screens and less outside, eye fatigue, puffiness and dark circles have become a common talking point.

Screens make our eyes work harder, the mix of tiny pixels, glare and brightness all contribute to strain, especially when we do it (for hours every day) without having proper restful breaks. 

The last few years especially have seen a huge soar in screen time: industry watchdog Ofcom found that adults in the UK spent an average of six hours and 25 minutes on their phones, TVs and laptops each day, resulting in 45 hours of screen time each week. The figure rose almost a third compared to the same period last year, as lockdown forced people to stay/work indoors. 



As we try and ease back into ‘normal’ life, many of us are still working remotely.

Proper hydration, nutrition and simple ‘set ups’ can help with eye health.
Here’s some tips to follow when working on a computer:

  • Dim your screen to avoid a big contrast with the light in your room.
  • Keep your screen at an arm’s length away
  • Blink more often – it helps to replenish your tears (did you know you blink less often when looking at a screen?)
  • Take ‘eye’ breaks. Every 20 minutes it’s recommended to look away for 20 seconds.
  • Keep hydrated - lack of inner hydration can result in dry eyes too.
  • Have your room with the right humidity.
    (The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers recommends that the relative humidity levels in offices should be between 40% and 70% to ensure ongoing working comfort)
  • Choose raw fruit & veg for your work snack to add to your antioxidant intake.

Our star Eye product for ‘zoom eyes’

Skin around our eye contour differs from the rest of our face. It’s why you’ll often see skincare which targets this specific area.

  • The skin surrounding the eyes appears evidently thinner (0.3 mm)
  • The number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands and eccrine (sweat) glands is much lower
  • The elastic and collagen fibres present in the matrix of the dermis are numerically few
  • Fat under the skin is present in much lower quantities
  • Lymphatic/blood circulation in the eye contour area is slowed down


Dr Spiezia, Inlight formulator says: ‘Precisely because of the peculiar distinctive features, the skin around the eyes appears very susceptible to stagnation of interstitial fluids and blood; moreover, this area is clearly drier and more permeable than the other areas of the face. All this translates into a natural predisposition towards bags, dark circles and expression wrinkles.’

Our Under Eye Revive formula has been specifically designed to target the 3 main areas on concern for our eyes: puffiness, dark circles, lines.

Key benefits include:

  • Moisturises and revives the delicate under eye area
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage – ‘depuffing’
  • High in antioxidants to brighten the appearance of dark circles.

‘Burdock helps to detox the deep layer of the skin (hypodermis) stimulating the lymphatic drainage; this then works together with the green coffee and green tea, both rich in astringent caffeine extract and antioxidants. These actions are boosted by the Arnica extract, known for its anti-oedemogenic and anti-traumatic action. Cypress, which hazel and cornflower are powerful astringents and work synergetically with camu camu (antioxidant) and Rosemary extract that improves circulation.’ Says Dr Spiezia. 

Not only can this product be used morning and night, but customers have reported a big improvement with dryness and eye fatigue when dabbing a grain size of Under Eye Revive throughout the day whilst working in front of screens.

‘My eyes have suffered tremendously this year. My 2 saviours who you’ll find by my PC daily are eye drops and Inlight Under Eye Revive’

You can view how to best apply this product in our video HERE 

‘I recently purchased the under eye revive and l am absolutely delighted with the results - even after 1 week of use my dark circles are quickly disappearing and my fine lines have almost disappeared.’