Glowing Winter Skin

Our skin changes with the seasons, and so should your skincare regime.

Winter is here, and during the colder months well hydrated skin is going to be your goal as temperature fluctuations contribute to dryness and dullness. Even the things that make winter wonderful, such as sitting by the fire, or taking a hot shower to warm up on a cold day, can strip the skin of its natural oils resulting in unwanted dryness.

How can we combat this?

Layering on a thicker moisturiser is not the answer. However, there are easy changes to your everyday routine to combat the causes of dry winter skin.


• Choose oil-based moisturisers during the winter months to provide a protective layer against the elements and thermic swing. This is a great time to try water-less skincare if you haven't before. 

• Excessively hot showers aren’t good for your skin. So, after a no-so-hot shower, pat the skin dry and immediately apply your moisturiser to seal in moisture. For those of us who can, allow extra time to massage your oil or butter/balm deeply and firmly; This will improve circulation (which will in turn restore a healthy glow on body and face)

• Regular gentle exfoliation will clear dead cell build-up that can leave your complexion looking dull so use your face mask at least once a week as a ‘rule’.

• Prepare the skin before moisturising by properly cleansing and toning with an astringent, but alcohol-free, toner. Alcohol and fragrances strip the skin’s natural oils so avoid these.

• Even if you are not a fan of moisturising before bed, during winter it’s worth using a rich balm on your face as this will help keep the moisture in when the skin is at its most relaxed.








 • Don’t forget your lips! Dry lips can easily  become chapped and are a classic, painful winter issue. Treat your lips daily with a light serum that will protect without becoming thick and claggy.

• Sleep tight. It’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Sleep is when your body repairs and renews which will contribute to healthier looking skin and that ‘winter glow’.

• Eating well will help your skin as much as a good skincare regime. A balanced diet with plenty of raw greens, colorful fruit and nuts will give you lots of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Swap your coffee for a herbal tea and drink plenty of water (if too chilly, warm water with a drop of lemon is lovely) lastly, minimise your intake of sugars and animal based products. This will also help boost your immune system. A great way to also recharge and detox post Christmas! 

Dr Spiezia recommends using skincare products that nourish with omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids keeping it glowing and healthy.










Spotlight on Evening Primrose

Naturally rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Vitamin E, applied topically Evening Primrose works with the chemistry of the skin, giving back essential nutrients.

Traditionally referred to as the ‘Kings cure-all’ due to the belief that its ‘majestic’ benefits and ‘honorable’ properties made it fit for Kings and Queens. It is widely known as a dietary supplement and praised for helping improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and moisture. 

Cold-pressed from the seeds of the flowers, we use the oil for its many benefits promoting a healthy, clear and rejuvenated complexion. This extensive list of beneficial and complimentary properties is why Dr Spiezia includes this ingredient in most of his formulations.


Find Evening Primrose in:




Deep Moisture Balm – the ideal balm for tired and dry skin in need of instant moisture.



 Night Balm – rich in nourishing evening primrose, macadamia and jojoba oil, to revive dull and fatigued skin while you sleep.

Lip Serum – silky and restorative treatment to welcome winter wherever you are.