Loose tea Vs Tea bags

Tea has been drunk for hundreds of years, often used as a wellness ritual in many countries; It is the second-most consumed beverage in the world and it is often at the heart of social events and gatherings.

Besides its hydrating benefits, herbal tea is something to share with others, a wonderful opportunity to relax, recharge, and when caffeine free it can help cleanse your body from the inside out.

Loose leaf tea Vs tea bags


Steeping loose leaves allows water to flow, infuse and expand, extracting aromas, minerals and vitamins. With high quality loose teas, what you see is what you get!

Tea bags are often made up with dust and fannings; a larger surface area compared to whole leaf. This means it is more likely for the natural aromas to evaporate, resulting in a dull and sometimes bitter taste.

Tea bags are more often than not made with a small percentage of polypropylene which is a type of plastic. The plastic is included in order to help heat-seal the teabags during their manufacture. Unfortunately this is common practice meaning the majority of tea bags are not 100% biodegradable.
After you have enjoyed your loose tea, you can simply put the remaining contents in your compost to biodegrade.


Other key points to consider

Loose Leaf Tea

– Produced by artisan method for quality selection
– High quality and full flavour
– Potential for re-steeping
– Stay fresh longer

Tea Bags
– One cup steep
– Lower grade quality
– Goes stale quicker
– May contain plastic or bleach

In recent years and after the initial ‘plastic in teabags scandal’ in 2010, companies are becoming more aware of consumers concerns and some are working towards being more eco-friendly and use materials such as corn starch. Find a list here to see who is still using plastic.


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