Did you know that reports show productivity is higher when people are happier?
It makes sense that people who feel better in themselves will not only be more productive but also more driven in their job as our mood impacts greatly on what we do, and how we function everyday!


Good for you

A 2021 study which followed Swedish workers for a decade, for example, showed that reduced working hours reduced stress, exhaustion and negative emotion.


Good for the Planet 

In May 2021, environmental and social justice collective Platform London released a report detailing the ecological impact of a shorter work week: reduced pollution, clearer skies and less congestion.


Good for our Team

Here at Inlight we are always looking at new ways to improve as a business and as individuals so from this month our working week will be of 36 hours rather than 40, finishing at 1pm on Fridays.

You will have the same high standard service and


  • Staff will be able to spend more time with family and allow time for some self-care activity/classes after a working week.
  • Inlight HQ will be able to reduce its emissions – roughly a 14.6% decrease  


Loredana Spiezia, Managing director says: it is factual that the pandemic has changed our home/work behaviour and spending more time with family or do something for our mental and inner health can improve our overall comfort. I’d been wanting to try a shorter week since the Iceland study came out, and recent Team meetings gave me the ‘push’ to make it happen. Of course we will also save on waste and emission which is fantastic!.’

The new working week will be a trial for the first quarter of 2022 with the hope to continue in the future and we’ll keep you posted.