Skincare Essential Set - an intro to water-less beauty

You asked, we listened.

Introducing our Skincare Essential Set – Dr Spiezia’s essential 3 step system in an ideal trial size - the perfect foundation for your daily beauty routine.

Our skin is the largest barrier between us and the world around us. Keeping our skin clean, clear and well moisturised helps keep this barrier strong, healthy and beautiful.

‘Especially if you live in a polluted area, or when age is trying to convince you that the time is “flying”, cleansing, toning and moisturising daily becomes indispensable and essential. These three simple steps can mean a lot to the health of your skin, especially when carried out daily.’ Says Dr Spiezia


Cleansing is a vital action to keep the skin free from toxic films/barriers created by the everyday pollutants.

Toning is the second essential step, to balance the PH and to tighten skin pores minimising the chance of environmental aggression.

Moisturising is the final touch - to replenish the skin with the right nutrients and antioxidant.

The Essential Set includes:
Iconic Face Cleanser 15ml
Delicate and alcohol-free Floral Tonic with spray 50ml
Our award winning Face Oil 10ml

The Set is the ideal introduction to the Inlight Beauty range and the perfect up-to 6 weeks trial to experience a revived skin tone. The how to use illustration on the packaging will make your step into beauty smooth and easy.  FIND OUT MORE


WaterLess Beauty:

Inlight is FREE from water, alcohol, synthetics and chemical preservatives.
Many are increasingly seeking a more sustainable lifestyle that includes purer and more sustainable selfcare products. We believe that for your skincare routines oils vs water is a good place to start.

Water based creams often require chemical additives to preserve the products and maximise shelf life. In contrast, oils have the unique ability to capture and store specific liposoluble botanical ingredients such as herbal extracts and essential oils, which act as natural preservatives, meaning extra additives are not necessary. This makes oils a great healthy and sustainable option, for both skin and the environment.

Oil based products are also better environmentally to safeguard water consumption.





According to the World Wildlife Fund, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortage by 2025.

The recent Soil Association Beauty & Wellbeing report, noted that 27% of consumers are trying to re-use or use less water and that 79% are looking for organic products.

Brands are looking to mitigate the potential downsides of including water in products, from removing the need for preservatives altogether, the carbon impact of shipping water and  improving efficacy, we will see more waterless beauty products hit the market.’

This is great news for everyone and Inlight feels priviledge to be leading this market having always used no water within our formulations.

Find out more on how to use oils HERE