The must-have Lip Serum

Introducing our silky, restorative lip serum to plump and reverse the signs of ageing.

Did you know, lips have no protective keratin or sebaceous glands? Being constantly exposed to the elements, they are especially vulnerable so need regular and targeted attention to maintain their natural fullness.

Lip Serum vs Lip Balm

Dr. Spiezia has developed a sophisticated, yet gentle Lip Serum to be used as a regular conditioning treatment. The consistency, purpose and performance has a very different function to a waxy Lip Balm and with regular use the Lip Serum will replenish and nourish, much like our ever popular Face Oil. The citrussy scent is heightened by a hint of star anise featuring a phyto-rich blend of omega 3 and 6 from baobab, sea buckthorn and rose hip oils. High levels of vitamin E and beta carotene work to promote cell renewal and restore volume on and around the lips. Castor oil leaves a protective and pleasant silky layer that is quickly absorbed

Dr. Spiezia explains that lips have no melanocytes, cells that produce skin pigment hence the pink colour due to the blood vessels being closer to the surface. This means they are much more prone to damage. 

A waxy balm will create a protective layer on the surface of the lips but he wanted to create a product that deeply nourishes and enhances the lips’ natural plumpness, healing and protecting from deep in the epidermis.

What makes it so effective?

Dr. Spiezia has used a combination of powerful specific oils and extracts including his favourite, the mighty Calendula. He has paired this with Plantain (plantago major) extract. These two ingredients contain beta carotene which is high in Vitamin A and together contribute powerful restorative and healing functions.


Plantain leaf has historically been used by Native Americans to, among many functions, relieve the pain of insect stings and bites as it has soothing and healing properties. It is most often thought of as a weed even though its active chemical constituents have many more botanical properties. Aucubin (an anti-microbial agent), allantoin (which stimulates cellular growth and tissue regeneration), and mucilage (which reduces pain and discomfort) as well as its astringent properties.


So don't overlook this plant the next time you pass it by.

Here at Inlight, we infuse this organic leaf with a combination of other herbs in and plants in oil to produce a concentrated and extraordinarily potent herbal oil. Plantain leaf extract can also be found in our Deep Moisture Balm, Body Oil with Arnica and the Turmeric and Calendula Relief Balm.

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