The women behind the brand - International Women’s Day

Although we have a mix team here at Inlight, the majority of the force majeure is in fact women.

International Women’s day is a great opportunity to share with you a little about the women behind our brand. We’ve asked our female strong team to share their favourite part of the job, looking at their strengths and attributes.


Loredana Spiezia – Co-founder and MD

Favourite thing about my job: working with smart people who are also good people and bringing out the best in them. Looking far ahead, organising the details to get there; seeing our efforts and determination turn into great achievements. 

My strengths: enthusiasm, resiliency, loyalty.
How would your friends describe you: perseverant , witty, truthful.



Nicki Hawkins – Financial and Commercial Manager

Favourite thing about my job
: I work with numbers which may sound dull to most people, but the information they give me about the business is exciting and can make a real difference.

My strengths: being a big picture thinker and ability to see solutions. I am resilient and love to communicate (talk a lot 😉).

How would your friends describe you: like a diamond, tough but when the light shines through sparkle brightly (as described by our lovely Dr Spiezia).


Jila Field – Head of Sales

Favourite thing about my job: the people. Being part of an amazing team. Working with our wonderful partners to maximise all opportunities. Meeting new people and telling them all about Inlight.

My strengths: always willing to find a way to achieve success however small. Determined, patient and open to trying new ways of communicating, even if out of my comfort zone…
How would your friends describe you: trustworthy, loyal, honest.


Maria Chiara Garside – Head of Marketing

Favourite thing about my job: I love being able to convey the ethos and passion of the company through various means and meeting/collaborating with like minded people whilst being creative. There is never a dull moment...

My Strengths: seeing the bigger picture in all aspects of the business and life! Adaptable to change, resilient.

How would your friends describe you: passionate, firey, thoughtful/helpful. 


Rhiann Kemp – Lab Production Coordinator

Favourite thing about my job:
I love working with my suppliers and the practical aspect purchasing the wonderful ingredients. It's great seeing my production plan come to life 😊.

My Strengths: being organised and approachable. I am a real people’s person. Family and Friends are everything to me.

How would your friends describe you: funny, generous, thoughtful.



Vicki Mildren- Logistics & Stock Supervisor

Favourite thing about my job: I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. Satisfaction of providing a quality product. Fulfilling customer orders 100%.

My strengths: organized and accurate, confident, dedicated, respectful, passionate and honest.
How would your friends describe you: considerate & dependable, honest, generous and kind.



Steph Richards – Lab assistant          

Favourite thing about my job: I love doing the infusions of all the beautiful oils that are used in our wonderful products. This process is a sensory overload, all the glorious smelling organic flowers and herbs. The whole process of infusions is alluring, watching as they work their magic in creating nourishing oils to be used in each and every one of our products.

My strengths: being approachable, friendly and hard working!

How would your friends describe you: I would say that my friends view me as that (annoyingly energetic) morning person, bubbly, loyal.


Emily Legge - Customer & Marketing Support

Favourite thing about my job: getting to communicate with lovely customers, spreading the word about skincare products that are truly unique and amazing!

My Strengths: attention to detail, always happy to lend a hand, office cake baker 😉.

How would your friends describe you: empathetic, kind, helpful.



Kellie Guffick - Bookkeeper/Administrator

Favourite thing about my job: bookkeeping often involves solving puzzles, it is very satisfying when you have finally put all the pieces together.

My strengths: vigilance & accuracy, the ability to work in a team, adaptability, always willing to lend a hand.

How would your friends describe you: helpful, caring, strong.


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