Law of natural mutuality

When we walk through a woodland, what is under our feet is not just soil, it is an extraordinary and busy world of a social life regulated by a law for mutual benefits.
This complex law also applies within the human body, with our receptors, mothered by our brain. 

In the still mysterious natural world, only in recent years it has come to light that plants and trees communicate with each other through a dense underground network made up by fungi, the Wood Wide Web.

This extraordinary network allows exchange of nutrients between fungi and roots paying it back with sugars, but also, in the event of an attack, sending off warning signals with the production of some specific chemicals used for protection.

Some trees – known as "mothers"- can use this ‘chemical communication network’ to provide support and nourishment to their "progeny" helping their growth, while other trees, the black walnut for example, use it to somehow "sabotage" the rivals around it by releasing toxic substances (juglone in the case of walnut) so to prevent the growth of other trees nearby. He loves to be on his own…


"Plants are aware of what they are and what surrounds them" acclaims renowned Italian scientist Stefano Mancuso, professor of plant neurobiology.

The film "Avatar" admirably performed this deep truth using refined cinematic techniques also suggesting the respectful and humble approach towards the deep exchange between the two worlds seemingly different, but mutually interdependent.

In the light of these new acquisitions a comparison to a very similar network that regulates the human body is owed: when we have a problem, if we have pain it is the whole body that suffers and not just part of it. This is the law of mutuality explained.

The signals of noxious receptors are perceived by specific areas in the brain and from there they spread to the body-mind with countless reactions. Chemical signals spread through interstitial spaces and alert the various cellular components; hormonal secretions are activated to provide support, local reactions of rubor (redness) calor (heat) tumor (swelling) dolor (pain) manifest the repair processes... An extraordinary cascade of events set in motion by the energy of life responding to that initial pain/request for help.
Nothing is left to chance and no area is left abandoned.

Wonderfully fascinating….


"All cells are aware of what they are and what surrounds them" whether we want it or not, whether we perceive it or not.
 It is the intrinsic law of the protection of life, it is a law of Love in Action in force throughout the whole Universe: where necessity calls the whole system is alerted and each part contributes with its specific skill to repair the damage, somehow knowing that either they all succeed, or they all lose, but all together as a whole.


Now more than ever it is time to embody these laws governing cellular life in our society, in politics, in our relationships, by evolving together into a new humankind that, even if through painful ‘detox’ crisis has to  become - and it is already - conscious that we are all ONE and no request of help can be ignored as otherwise it will determine the end of the whole system.


And when we manage to immerse ourselves back in nature, whether in a woodland or simply in our back garden, lets switch off and observe it in silence. Lets be enchanted by the colors around us, the majestic harmony, the sound of birds singing; the flowers, the plants, the grass; lets tune in into its mystery and allow it to unveil. Lets stand barefoot on the ground and become One with it, aware of the lavishing life beneath, the chemical messages, and the encrypted codes that can only be revealed to those who silently and with profound respect listen. Silence is the only way to listen. When this happens, almost as appreciation for our silence, respect, friendliness, a mysterious healing energy will rise from our feet up, and we will literally feel flooded by a deep sense of peace and wellness. It is the unbroken humble gift of an Earth that has never stopped loving its children.


Dr Mariano Spiezia



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