Alchemy is where it begins

At Inlight we have a deep-rooted belief in beauty. Not just the outer glow but the beauty within.

Our ethos and approach is centered around sustainability and slow beauty, creating effective skincare that is founded by scientific knowledge, guided by alchemy inspired by nature. The concentrated botanical extracts, potent base for all our products are created in house following an ancient slow procedure that keeps the wholeness of the ingredients intact and active.

The distilling practice takes place in our dedicated Infusion Room where the herbal oil concoctions sit on a warm bed of pebbles, surrounded by crystals, soaking up the sunshine and bathing beneath the light of the moon for a full lunar cycle. Every day the herbal mixtures are nurtured with music and mindful affirmations, empowering them at each stage and all levels, bringing beauty to life.

With small batch and artisanal production we can really care - keeping things personal.

The fond interest in skin health, blossomed when running one of the first Detox Centres in south of Italy back in the eighties, Dr Mariano and Loredana Spiezia started the beauty revolution when they moved with their children, Marco, Maria Chiara and Francesco, to Britain in 1998 creating the first ever 100% organic waterless skincare brand in the UK.

The father of both the brand and the organic beauty movement is formulator Dr. Mariano Spiezia.

A Medical Doctor, Clinical Herbalist, Homeopath and beauty pioneer. Inlight Beauty, launched in 2006 (officially selling their first products to the public in 2007) and is the first UK brand to receive the Cosmos Organic Certification throughout its entire range, something unique we are deeply proud of.

Dr Spiezia's ongoing efforts, work and contribution towards a sustainable and positive change in the beauty & wellness industry, was recognised by Positive Luxury in 2020 where he was Shortlisted for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Created exclusively using high grade, raw ingredients

We have been totally organic and sustainable since day one, vowing never to compromise on the quality or beliefs we built our name upon. Over the passing of time we have kept our infusing, pressin and filtering completely manual with an emphasis strongly on small batch production and a signature artisanal process.

We believe in slow beauty and offer a mindful transformational experience from the moment our products touch your skin.

The products are potent and powerful, concentrated and rich in active ingredients cleverly chosen to work in synergy with the skin and beyond it. Combining science, green chemistry and tradition, our promise is an authentic organic skincare experience, celebrating the intrinsic beauty within each and every one of us.

We are a family business and being Italian, la famiglia is the root of everything.

Welcome to the family

Mariano, Loredana, Maria Chiara, Francesco, Marco & the Inlight Team:

Mauro, Jila, Kellie, Alice, Scott, Geoff & Vickie.

The Bio Lipophilic Matrix®

The Bio Lipophilic Matrix®

Every Inlight product features Dr Spiezia’s Bio Lipophilic Matrix®- a blend of organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the skin.

These super concentrated oils are energized using a patented technique where science meets alchemy to heighten the oils’ vital force. Hyperspectral study: The efficacy of our unique production process has been scientifically proven to work, leaving a lasting glow to the skin.

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