Art meets Beauty


Transformation and alchemy are at the core of Inlight, marrying selected elements together to create something powerful, new and unique which brings your beauty to life.

Watercolours are a wonderful way to express a change of matter: water combined with colour transforms and expands to create something beautiful and enduring.



Colours talk

Inlight’s core blue/grey watercolour is the colour of abundance, wisdom and confidence, it’s the colour of the sky and the sea.
Two elements essential to life and from which we gain sustenance and inspiration. (which we cannot live without but that can sometimes overwhelm us.)

The colour pink in our Face Collection is associated with giving and receiving care, compassion and love.

Yellow represents the sunshine, linked with joy, happiness and energy and is used to represent our Body Collection products.
We have chosen to overlay pink and yellow on the darker blue colour to remind ourselves that there is always a brighter and lighter alternative in every one of life’s choices.
You are Beauty-full, as Inlight can help you to remember.