Autumn Skin - Essential Fatty Acids

The transition from summer to autumn is a beautiful one and worth admiring!

Everything starts to slow down, colours change from bright to subtle and nature retracts the energy from the outside, pushing the roots back into the soil, in a preparation for the coming cold.

 ‘This season is a great reminder of how everything in nature and life is in a perfect cycle. The Leaves fall and return to the soil where everything started. What seems to be the end, is only a rest for a new beginning’ says Dr. Spiezia.

Our skin, like in nature, is due a change and is directly influenced by the outside elements becoming dehydrated, flaky and paler.

 'The internal fluids slow down and the blood circulation from the external layers focus on supplying inner organs. As skin contains less fat on the outside layer, it becomes less oxygenated, paler and flakes more easily. Skin can become arid and dry. Pollution and central heating also play a big part. Dry air from the central heating damages the respiratory tract and dries the skin speeding up the ageing process.’


What to do:

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are key to help your skin maintain a healthy glow. They protect the skin from sudden changes in weather and things such as central heating that make the air-dry lack of oxygen.  


What’s their function:

The EFAs, namely ω-3 and ω-6, are a special class of fats, indispensable to life, without which we could not survive. They protect the skin cell membranes, maintaining the integrity of the cellular walls, allowing the skin to function maintaining it healthy. Without enough EFAs the skin starts to lose water, becoming more prone to wrinkles and expression lines.


Where to find them:

In food-

EFAs can be found in organic cold pressed oils such as olive, sunflower, hemp, and wheatgerm. You can use these to dress your salads and food throughout autumn and winter.

In your skin care-

Same or similar oils can be used on your skin! At inlight our food grade cold pressed oils include all the above as well as jojoba and evening primrose which are naturally rich in ω-3 and ω-6 and work with the chemistry of the skin, giving back essential nutrients.


Dr.Spiezia recommends:






Deep Moisture Balm – for tired and dry skin, it speeds up the skins own healing process leaving it velvety soft. Can be used as a daily moisturiser as well as to soften lines.






Head to Toe Set - complete treatment set to fortify, nourish and provide hydration for hair, body and feet. Great after a shower or bath.






Night Balm – Rich in nourishing macadamia and jojoba oil, it will revive dull and fatigued skin whilst you sleep.



Rosemary & Hypericum - If you get muscular pain or discomfort due to the
change of season, this is the ointment for you! rich in anti-inflammatory Boswellia and Castor oil.