Award-Winning Face Oil for Men

We’re so proud to announce that our Face Oil for Men has received another award – The Attracta Beauty Award for Best Daily Moisturiser in the Men’s category. It was also the winner of the Men’s Grooming category of the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2018.


Protection, nourishment and moisture are everyone’s needs but men’s skin is especially prone to dryness and irritation due to shaving and exposure to the elements without the proper care. It is important to take care of the skin, regardless of gender and no matter the aesthetic or health reasons behind it but simply because the skin is part of your body and, as an important “organ”, needs attention and care.


Dr Spiezia says “I have also to underline that there are important differences between women’s and men’s skin due to the impact of hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, on its characteristics: mens skin is up to 20% thicker and contains more collagen fibres making it more dense and resistant, but has less adipose content resulting in a reduction in softness and suppleness. Men are also more prone to the inflammation of skin follicles and acne.” He continues, “another difference is the skin’s pH: men’s skin has a value of 4.5 (more acidic because of the higher lactic acid) whilst women 5.8. This preserves mens skin from bacteria but make it more prone to irritation and inflammation… without forgetting that when men shave daily, they damage the skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer on the face”


All these, combined with the different hormone cycles, mean that for men the signs of ageing come later in life but once they start, they progress more quickly than in women and the lines appear deeper and more evident.



This soothing and nourishing oil contains exceptionally high levels of gamma-linolenic acid or GLA (an important essential fatty acid) and offers calming, anti-inflammatory properties.



The Face Oil for Men is rich with Jojoba oil contributing to its deeply moisturising characteristic.  The Vitamin E and B-complex in the oil help repair the skin and protect against damage from the elements.


Inlight skincare can help men to achieve optimum results in preventing both skin inflammation and ageing, supplying the skin with many powerful botanical anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, Vitamin E and chlorophyll. Our skincare is designed for all skin types, but the Face Oil for Men was formulated especially for men’s skin and it smells rather good too, with invigorating patchouli and orange. The Essential Trio can be used for optimum results, replacing the Face Oil with Face Oil for Men if you prefer.