Breast Cancer Awareness Month - My Inlight skin journey

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It's Breast Cancer Awareness month - We often get asked if our products are safe and effective during treatment. Like many others, one of our team here at Inlight had to go through the experience and decided to put Inlight products to the test!

Below is Nicki's feedback and advice:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to reflect on my Cancer year and I thought I would tell you what a godsend the Inlight products are during my Treatment.

I had a mastectomy a year ago and had the Line Softener Intensive ready to use on my scar as soon as it was healed. I had already experienced the great results on an earlier scar after a broken collar bone and the scar is pretty much invisible.

My amazing surgeon did a very tidy job and with the additional Inlight healing powers I am so relieved with the results this time too. 

Then the ‘joys’ of chemotherapy  followed and I was advised by the lovely chemo nurse on my first session to use oils on my skin as chemo is tough on it and most moisturisers, although they claim to be for really dry skin, actually contain mostly water. 

She was talking to the converted as I have used the oil based Face Cleanser and Face Oil since discovering Inlight when I started doing their accounts many years ago.  But not all patients are given that crucial advice by their nurses and I have seen the effects on my various hospital visits, and on skin much younger than mine.


People keep commenting that I look far too well for someone going through Cancer treatment and that’s possibly due to the lovely healthy glow you get from using Face Oil on a daily basis. It’s like wrapping your skin in a beautiful veil when you apply it.


Then when my hair all came out and my scalp became dry and itchy I turned to my other handy favourite – Calendula & Damask Rose balm (previously know as Nyp balm) I use it as an intensive hand moisturiser every night anyway, so I just rub it into my scalp now too, and it soothes straight away. If my hands are extra dry or chapped from being in the garden or with the horses a layer of Turmeric & Calendula overnight transforms them like magic.

I get occasional sore spots on my scalp too and a bit of Propolis & Teat Tree balm sorts those overnight.

Every day after my shower I use my Firm and Tone oil and have lovely soft and smooth skin despite the chemo damage.


The other week everything took a slightly different turn and ended up in hospital with an infection for a few days. Nothing like a hospital ward and days of iv antibiotics for drying every remaining bit of moisture out of you.

Last evening, I was putting on my face oil after a wash and the nurses asked what the gorgeous scent was. My ‘next bed neighbour’ also just asked how I have managed to keep my skin looking so healthy and I have just shared the Inlight love with her too and she is currently ordering Face Oil and Body Oil too.
She was spending £5 a tub on a well known brand which was only lasting a few days as she has to use so much. A few squirts of the Firm and Tone pump does me all over until my next shower, all products really do last a long time and the results are just amazing. My skin really is thankful!

So even though I would obviously prefer to have avoided this opportunity to really put the Inlight products through their paces during Cancer treatment, they haven’t let me down and I’m happy to share this with everyone I meet in my Cancer journey.


A more recent update 

There is now no evidence of the awful deep purple burns I suffered on my chest after the Radiotherapy treatment, which were soothed with Calendula & Damask Rose once treatment was complete (oils should be avoided during treatment) and the heat had gone out of the burns, (having used a gel provided by the hospital up to that point).


I also now have an unbelievably thick head of strong new wavy hair which glows with the regular addition of Inlight Hair Elixir, which has been applied ever since my hair started growing back.  Shame it doesn't magic away the grey hairs that have come with it, but actually they now glisten like highlights and I have been asked how I get my hair to be that colour.      
I don't hide the fact that I have had Cancer - it is part of the person I am, but with a physically healthy glow from Inlight products and an outlook to match thanks to the support from the amazing Team I am lucky enough to call friends.  

Nicki x

I have found this forum very helpful - where people can compare notes on coping with diagnosis, treatment side effects and make suggestions to help with things such as sickness, bone pain and skin problems.