Dedicated to baby - NEW RANGE

Introducing our new range of soothing, protective and nourishing products, formulated to help care-giver and baby relax, bond and create a healthy protective barrier on delicate skin.

A baby's skin is up to 30% thinner and can lose moisture faster. This carefully selected blend of 100% organic nourishing and calming oils will hydrate, nurture and protect.

Dr Spiezia explains: 'Thanks to the latest non-invasive techniques, it has been possible to better study babies’ skin. The skin provides a vital physical barrier to protect us from the environment, and it has been demonstrated that it changes constantly during the first two years of life.
Early on, the skin is more vulnerable. The pH is more alkaline, the trans-epidermal water loss is greater, the lipid content and natural moisturising factor are lower, and the epidermis is thinner.'

With all this in mind, we need to make sure we only apply the purest, chemical free products on baby's skin. Our herbal oil extracts are prepared in small batches, in-house and have no added fragrances, ensuring they are gentle enough for baby.

The power of skin-to-skin contact is evident in its ability to increase a baby’s physiological and psychological development.

If you consider that in just one square centimetre of the skin there are four meters of nerve fibres, 200 nerve-endings of which detect painful stimuli, 25 nerve-endings sense touch, 12 sense heat, and two sense cold, you can realise how the skin is perceptive to the many changes of the external environment and how these might positively or negatively affect the brain and the future memories correlated.


Baby oil

Our Bay Oil is gentle enough for little ones, it is not greasy and absorbs easily into the skin after massage. Connect with your baby through touch!

Baby massages has many known benefits for both care-giver and baby, these include:

- Promoting relaxation & better sleep 
- Helping you and your baby bond & feel more secure with each other
- Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby’s body language 



Bath Oil




Washing a newborn in soap may disrupt the ‘acid mantle’ (a fine film that rests on the surface of the skin and acts as a protective layer) so it's best to avoid adding any detergents or soaps into bath water in the first few months at least. However hard water can also be harsh on delicate skin and cause dryness.

Our Bath Oil will compensate for dryness by helping baby skin to stay supple and well hydrated. Its gentle lavender and camomile scent will help little ones relax and unwind before bed.


 'Have you ever thought that arms are very close to the heart and represent, in a way, its extension? Loving energy, cuddles, skin-to-skin contact are a foundation for the wellbeing of your baby’. 

Our dedicated to baby range is suitable from 6 weeks.