Detox & Revive Programme - Clear, Cleanse & Energise

If you have chosen to detox, it’s because you feel your body and mind is in need of  a ‘clear out’ and an energy boost.
Feeling sluggish or in need of a boost can often be a sign of toxicity in the body. Our initial reaction would be to reach for stimulants such as caffeine, but this is the opposite of what your body is craving for. Putting adrenals under more stress (by reaching for that cup of coffee) will in fact create more toxicity and make you feel worse!


In the colder, winter months, capillaries contract and reduce the supply of oxygen to the skin which can cause dryness. Regular stimulation is therefore very important.The detox process works on both the outer and inner layers of the skin, gentle exfoliation will clear the outer layer of debris in the form of dead skin cells, impurities or pollutants.
Stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems using our selected balms and oils will support the skin in expelling inner debris and toxins from its deeper layers, whilst providing effective nourishment.

Top tips to put a spring back in your step

  •  BOOST OF ENERGY: a generous tumbler of fresh carrot and apple juice with a slice of ginger at breakfast will give you an immediate boost and set you up for the day.
  •  Re-MINERALISE YOUR SYSTEM: a large bowl of organic mixed leaves with a squeeze of lemon, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of yeast flakes and wheatgerm as a starter for both lunch and dinner will remineralize your system
  • DETOX: swap one of your coffees or builders tea with nettle, burdock or ginger tea to gently detox (Try our Detox & Revive tea!)
  • CLEAR: cutting out animal proteins and dairy derivatives will clear mind and body (a great way to try out Veganuary too)
  • RELAX: a nice warm evening bath with a handful of Himalayan pink salt will relax and comfort.
  • YOU TIME: take at least 15 minutes a day just for you. Go  for a short walk, do some yoga, meditate, have a relaxing bath. The better you feel the more energy you will have to input into your goals for the year.

Our Detox & Revive Programme, Designed to clear, cleanse and energise you at all levels.

Dr.Spiezia's Detox & Revive Programme  features a selection of complementary skincare and wellness products  to deliver health and beauty inside and out.
A 4 week plan designed to clear, cleanse and energise you at all levels.
It includes our easy to follow 'how to' manual with breathing exercises, dietary guidance, and a detailed skincare routine.




Detoxing should be a whole body and mind ritual…

The plan includes a selection of complementing Inlight wellness and skincare products (to detox from the inside out) and a comprehensive step by step manual which includes dietary tips, everyday guidance and exercises for body and mind.


“We often look for ‘experts’ to drive our lives or detox our system and forget how intelligent our own body is or how much wisdom our mind and soul have absorbed over the years. We just need to pause and listen… ‘


The program offers all you need to regenerate yourself when feeling lethargic, overwhelmed or simply in need of some precious ‘me time’, it will awaken you to hear more clearly the voice of your own innate wisdom.

Detox & Revive Program includes:

-Flower Feast Facial Steam – flush out toxins and open pores

-Face Cleanser – essential first step to clear skin

-Floral Tonic – tightens and refreshes

-Super Food Mask – uplifting & detoxifying 

-Foot Balm – to help you sleep…

-Detox & Revive Herbal Tea – revives from the inside out



Beautifully packaged to gift as well as to keep!