Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week: Dr Spiezia speaks to the Soil Association

It's Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week with the Soil Association. A week to highlight the importance of choosing organic, for our own health as well as the planet's.

There are still issues with 'Green Washing' where marketing can be used to confuse the consumer, by choosing products with certification such as the Soil Association, you can be sure the product you are using can be trusted. This year is all about transparency and 'what I'm made of' campaign.

Dr Spiezia, Inlight formulator, speaks to the Soil Association to explain why he chose organic and gives a little insight into his background.

Can you give a short history of how you got to where you are now, including why and when you 'went organic'?

I have a background in conventional medicine after working in Italy as an Emergency doctor for many years. I have always had a passion for nature and its healing properties, qualities and effects; it became almost an addiction! After falling in love with Cornwall whilst on holiday, my family and I moved to UK in 1999 and I have been involved in developing organic skincare products ever since then. I found a way to combine science and alchemy to create products which are highly effective, nourishing the skin and nurturing the soul. I choose organic because it is simply the best! It ensures best quality and effectiveness whilst protecting our bodies and safeguarding the environment. Working closely with the Soil Association, I founded the first UK skincare company to be certified 100% organic. It was and still is one of my greatest achievements and the start of great movement within the beauty industry.

Since 2006 I have been formulating and making products with Inlight Skincare who I am proud to say received the first SA Cosmos certification.

At the very heart of Inlight lies The Bio Lipophilic Matrix, a unique method I developed after years of research to combine ancient alchemy and quantum physics to empower and create positive conditioning. The results have been very rewarding and I am working towards new products and techniques all the time.

Who are your customers and where are they?

Many of our customers are like minded people who seek health and wellbeing and are committed to the environment. We export to Italy where our sister company Cemon srl is based, and distribute our ‘beauty-full ‘products in several other European countries. We also sell of course in UK and are expanding into other parts of the world.

Organic principles – why do they matter?

I have been involved in the organic movement since the 80’s when still in Italy, studying the connection between food, disease and the environment. That was the key for me for choosing organic and vegetarian food for myself and my family. Organic is my way to be consistent with my life philosophy, my medical practice and my conscience.

So what does the Soil Association mean to you?

I found the Soil Association the most representative organisation, trustworthy for their long standing commitment and passion and most of all in tune with my vision and philosophy on how to protect the environment and better live our life on this Planet. I am proud to be part of it.

Thank you, can you tell us your greatest achievement to date?

To share my life and vision with Lore, my wife, and my children Marco, Maria Chiara and Francesco as we are a great Team. To have helped people to be healthier and to have made my contribution, through my business, to expanding environmental awareness.

Amazing, looking forward now... what's the vision?

I love the creative part of my work and I am studying and developing new products and lines. I also feel the urge to do more for the environment and I will write a book on my experience to show how it is possible to create a better world without compromising your vision. I would also like to involve much more children and primary schools and give the little ones the right information and a better understanding of nature’s rules. Children are the foundation of our future. If we start well we will finish well.

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            Dr Mariano Spiezia