EarthDay - what can we do?

Earth day has become a great celebration worldwide; a chance to focus, educate and provide positive change for a sustainable, green future. After all there is no planet B.
The move was born in the US in 1970, giving a voice to the emerging public who were becoming more conscious of the state of the planet. Since then, the movement has grown to be celebrated around the world by individuals and businesses alike over 3 days around the 22nd of April.
There are events, live conservation webinars, green living tips and community clean up groups taking place, just to name a few! Head over to to get involved and find an event near you.


Earth day Everyday

So what can you do to be more sustainable and help preserve our earth? To start making a difference, you don't have to go big and feel overwhelmed;  Here are some simple tips you can apply to your everyday life to get you started. – small steps with a big difference.

  • Turn the tap off: We are all washing our hands more, and therefore using a lot more water. Simply turning the tap off for the 20 seconds you are scrubbing with soap, can help conserve gallons a month…
  • Add some plants into your home! not just nice to look at, a bit of greenery can help regulate the temperature through the moisture they release into the air, reducing energy needed to heat your home.
  • Reusable cups & bottles: there are so many gorgeous reusable items available, remember to take your own refillable when you are next out for coffee. Most cafes will also allow you to fill your own water bottles.
  • Collect rainwater: especially in the UK, this is easy to do 😊 a great way to water your indoor plants at no extra cost.
  • Shop sustainable: look for brands that are making a difference, using recycled/recyclable materials, organically sourced ingredients etc. From household items to skincare, you can find something you love which doesn’t cost the earth.
  • Go to your local farmer’s market or try out a local veggie box: both a great way to support local farmers/businesses, promote biodiversity and also a sustainable healthy option for yourself - nutrients and vitamins will be ‘alive’ in your greens and fruits, these are often lost in food which is not seasonal and has traveled the globe!
  • Volunteer: whether a beach clean-up or a tree planting day, volunteering in your local community is a great way to meet like minded people, feel good and help the planet all in one!

 These are just a few options to get you started -

 Inlight Beauty Sustainability 

As a business Inlight tries to celebrate the earth in its everyday practices, by being sustainable in everything we do, always looking at ways to improve our footprint.  As well as taking steps in our own production (such as using recycled/recyclable materials, buy from sustainable and certified organic suppliers, compost all our natural waste and use 100% green energy) we also support our local partners:

Cornwall Wildlife Trust: saving and rescuing wildlife and wild places

Cornish Black Bees: promoting and safeguarding the local bee population.