Introducing the Inlight Supreme Collection

The Inlight Supreme Collection is a celebration of beauty, love passion, nature, science, alchemy and gratitude.

'It’s not about your age or skin type but about unveiling the radiance of your best self.’
Dr Mariano Spiezia, Inlight Formulator
The Inlight Supreme Collection is made up of serums containing rare botanical extracts – prickly pear, acai, cherry, maca and beauty hero cacay oil to name only a few. These age defying ingredients stimulate production of collagen and regeneration of the skin, delivering potent nourishment and radiant youth, whatever your age.


Attention to detail goes into every step of the small batch, handcrafted production.

Nestling in each exquisite glass vial are precious gemstones, charged by bespoke energising techniques, to intensify the vibrations and subliminal messages making each product a “gem” in its own right.

The precious stones are sustainably sourced by a local supplier here in Cornwall, Kernowcraft 

Acute attention to detail goes into every step of the small batch, handcrafted production.

‘I have studied the physiology of the skin drawing on my holistic approach to Life itself and monitored its changes with the rhythm of the season and cycles of the moon over time. During any change the skin needs additional care and even greater support in the change of the seasons.  I have selected the richest plant oils and best anti-oxidant phytonutrients that work in perfect synergy to formulate these exquisite elixirs that enlighten and rejuvenate the skin, bringing beauty to life.’


Sustainable Luxury

Faithful to our philosophy when it comes to sustainability the Supreme range is enveloped in minimalist packaging that combines simplicity, luxury and practicality.
Our serums come in clear vials rather than in our usual MIRON glass.
The clear glass allows the precious stones to keep their energy charge ‘alive’. Light is energy and gemstones manifest that energy due to their crystalline structure.


Inlight Beauty Supreme Collection precious gems

‘Every time the vial is taken out of the box, the movement & brief exposure to natural light activate the gemstones.’ says Dr Spiezia.

The product does need to be kept away from direct sunlight to best preserve its organic botanical ingredients. Our eco-luxe ‘jewel’ box is the perfect way to do this; a stylish and practical way to take your precious serum everywhere.

‘Here the mystery of Nature’s hidden secrets are unveiled to those who approach her with curiosity and humility, with sincerity and trust. When Nature is understood she offers her best part.’

Shop the Supreme Collection now. The Supreme Eye Serum, the first of the collection, will be available from January 16th.