One Small Swap Can Make a World of Difference

9th - 14th September
This annual campaign aims to raise awareness of certified organic beauty and wellbeing products, the importance of certification in making sustainable choices.

Small changes to your lifestyle can contribute to a system combating our climate emergency and biodiversity loss - starting with what's in your wash bag. Making one small swap to your self-care routine, is the first step into making a world of difference.
We know how important it is to try a new product on your skin before committing to a 'swap' or 'change' in your routine, so we are offering a FREE Discovery set with any order until Sept 15th. The Discovery Set includes 6 of our best sellers for you to try.

Simply add the set to your cart with the rest of your order and include the code SAOrganic

Inlight Beauty Soil Association OBWW 

What does organic mean?

The Soil Association describes organic as "working with nature. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, which means more wildlife." Continue reading here.

Inlight Beauty Soil Association Cosmos Organic CertificationDr Spiezia worked closely with the Soil Assocaition to set the standard for organic beauty products within the UK; standards that we proudly uphold to this day. But did you know, there are still no regulations that monitor use of the word "organic" within beauty & wellbeing products? So the only way to be sure you are purchasing a product that is truly organic is to look for the logo.



Why is organic important in skincare?

Your skin is your biggest organ. It will absorb what we put on it as well as being affected by what we consume. So surely if we are making conscious choices to put less chemicals inside our body we also want to want to make the same informed choices for what goes onto our skin.

Dr Spiezia recommends organic skincare as a conscious choice for a number of reasons.

  • Better health: “ What we apply to our skin will interact with it. Pure organic ingredients, without nasties, will result in radiant and healthy skin”
  • Natural beauty: “Beauty is a fact and a perception. Pure organic ingredients will contribute to and enhance it.”
  • A sustainable planet: “What we take from Nature must go back to it. Pure organic ingredients go back without harming the environment."

Join Us

We are delighted to be joining an array of fantastic clean brands who share our passion for organic beauty and health at the FLOURISH Cosmetics Week pop-up from the 9th to the 15th September at Hello Love in London: 62-64 Southampton Row WC18 4AR.

50% of sales over this week will be donated to the Hello Beautiful Foundation whose mission is “to create a world that is free from degenerative diseases, such as Cancer, through Personal Sustainability and NonToxic Practice”.

As well as offering mini facials on the 11th, our colleague and friend Nicki will be at the panel discussion with the Soil Association on the 12th talking through her personal journey. FIND OUT MORE

One Small Swap

If you’re looking to swap just one skincare product to organic, Dr Spiezia recommends Inlight’s Face Cleanser. Cleansing is the first and most important step in any skincare routine. Our dual action balm deeply cleanses and nourishes, transforming a daily routine into a luxurious ritual for your skin. 

 Inlight Beauty Face Cleanser

Lily, our Lab Assistant, says of the Face Cleanser, “as a busy working mum, time is of the essence and my skincare routine is important to me. But on days when I just don’t have time to do my whole skincare routine, I will never compromise on cleansing.”

“I gently massage the cleanser all over my face and neck, letting is work it’s magic for a few (peaceful) minutes. This removes my face and eye make-up effortlessly leaving my skin feeling so velvety. When I do have time, I then follow the cleanser with the Floral Tonic and Face Oil to complete my routine.”


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Don't forget to claim your free Inlight Discovery Set with any order until the 15th September. Simply add it to your cart and use the code SAOrganic .