Meet the Expert & Special Offers this Organic September!

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With Organic September approaching we are excited to announce some great opportunities to get involved and discover the world of real, authentic, 100% organic Beauty & Wellness.

“Organic certification gives the customer a guarantee of authenticity and for us it is synonymous with the unadulterated goodness of Nature that we can pass on to the world through the products we make” says Dr Mariano Spiezia.

Meet the expert himself


Join us at the Meet the Expert event, Fenwick’s of Bond Street on September 12th, 13th, 14th. Discover the world of Organic, Sustainable Beauty, chat to one of our team and meet Dr.Spiezia himself.



Book a mini consultation with skin expert and Inlight formulator Dr.Spiezia ‘father of the organic beauty movement in the UK’.

Dr. Spiezia will be available on September 12th and 14th for a one-to-one 15-minute skin analysis where you will have a chance to test your skin hydration and come away inspired and with a complementary personalised face oil.


To book your slot, please ring the Inlight Office on 01326 281114


Limited Edition Discovery Collection

Exclusive to Fenwick, a limited Discovery Collection will be available to purchase for £28 at their Bond Street Store, London from September 1st. Pop in store, trial our ranges and pick the perfect introductory set to cleanse, tone, mositurise and pamper.

Organic Wellness


Enjoy a symphony of taste, colour and vitality with our Herbal Tea Fusions. 

15% off and a FREE ‘flower’ spoon throughout Organic September.


- Offer valid from September 1st to September 30th, only one coupon code can be applied at one time -


Browse our Teas



Ethical, Mindful Beauty:

Inlight does not compromise on quality or sustainability - We are proud to have been the first Skincare Company to receive 100% organic Cosmos certification throughout our ranges and continue to work closely with the Soil Association. We respect our natural environment and resources and act daily to ensure we tread lightly on this earth. We pride ourselves in providing customers with the highest quality, trustworthy products which work on and with your skin, bringing beauty and wellness to life…


Find out more about Organic September and special events with the Soil Association HERE