Propolis: SOS for your skin

Sensitive skin will probably need a bit more help than just moisturising in the current forced ‘stay-at-home’.  New work environments, using soaps and sanitisers much more often, and lack of fresh air will cause extra dryness and sore areas.

Rescue Balms

We’ve had some amazing feedback on using our Calendula based ointments as hand balms, soothing and calming - but here’s our Top SOS product for cracked skin in need of something a little ‘stronger’.


The antiseptic yet beautifying potential of propolis reaches an unbeatable potency in this formula by Dr Spiezia. The synergy within the ingredients make it a ‘treat that treats’. With renowned antibacterial oils such as Tea-tree, Frankincense, Neem & the added soothing Calendula make this ointment a great all-rounder for skin in need. Find out more HERE

‘This balm has been a life saver on my cracked and sore hands and my husband as been using it on his feet too. We have been using it rigorously for about two weeks and still have so much left in the jar!’ Carole & John


Propolis: a gift from bees

Beehives are one of the most sterile natural places known to mankind which can explain why propolis has been widely used since ancient times to protect from infections.

Propolis is a resin-like substance - thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties; A combination of tree sap and beeswax made by bees to fill inn honeycomb cervices as immune defence.
Propolis in fact plays such an important role in the bee’s population helping to keep them healthy and protected from the environment and microbial infections.

This powerful gift from nature, used for centuries both internally and topically,  has also become a staple in the skincare world for its benefits especially for those with sensitive skin because it treats and nurtures rather than stripping the skin barrier like many topicals often do.


Sourced sustainably

Rest assured that collecting pollen, honey or propolis - when from a certified organic hive – does not harm the bees in any way. Only a small amount is taken during the collection process rigorously ensuring the bees still have plenty for themselves. It would be wasted otherwise so we take it as a gift from these amazing clever insects.

Use the balm on dry skin, cracked patches on face and body. Excellent on break-outs and on hands tired from over washing and for wearing gloves for too long.