Wellness for body & mind

Deep breath - How are you, really? If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or worried for the uncertainties facing us, you are not alone.

Surrounded right left and centre by news on the viral epidemic, it's totally understandable we all feel under the weather.

We wanted to share some tips which we can all practice from our home, to help with our mental health and our skin - which will undoubtedly suffer too.


Gratitude is a feeling of conscious appreciation that creates kindness inside us. Even in such challenging time there is a lot to be grateful for; however it’s quite easy to forget leaving the door open to discontent instead.

A useful reminder is a simple effective gesture – easily to become automatic - to start your day with and lift the spirit.

As you step out of bed in the morning simply say ‘Thank’ with your left foot and ‘You’ with your right . Tried and tested: It works.


Rhythmic breathing technique

This simple yet powerful breathing exercise well known to oxygenate and balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, will create a deep sense of well-being. You will feel more positive and experience greater clarity. Also known as Nadi Shadana in Hatha Yoga this is a great practice to improve lung function.


Self-Care Skin Ritual

No matter how little time you feel you have with home schooling/remote working, you cannot fully help others unless you are feeling good in your self.
A few self care steps will help you feel better physically & emotionally. 

Recommended by Dr Spiezia our daily skincare routine to cleanse, tone and moisture is the best skin solution to help it breath and stay healthy. But here’s a little extra step which can take as little or as long as you like, to relax all senses breathing-in nature and breathing out impurities:

Inlight Flower Feast is a blend of skin loving flowers to calm and smooth the skin, bringing you into full bloom! You can spend 5 to 15 minutes to deeply breathe in the fragrance of spring flowers through the steam. Dr Spiezia recommends to recite your favourite ‘mantra’ with each deep breath.
Steaming helps to open pores, making it easier to clear and cleanse them thoroughly.
Skin with open pores is much more receptive to absorbing the beneficial nutrients that hydrate and balance.


Foot soak & rub

This is great as an evening ritual, followed by a good massage with our Foot Balm.

A foot soak with pink Himalayan salt hydrates and soothes your skin and can help relieve aches and pains by relaxing your muscles. In addition to the feeling of pure bliss the salt will help to detoxify and balance. This remarkable salt contains 84 minerals, most of which will be absorbed by your skin while toxins are released into the water via osmosis. When you finish, do not rinse just pat dry your feet.

Inlight Foot Balm with its calming lavender fragrance will relax and restore your body and soul before falling into sleep. Your last daily touch of TLC.


 'The uplifting fragrance of this silky soft balm ensures your feet will look and feel amazing.'






Movement stimulates our whole body, cleansing throughout, promoting blood and lymph circulation, improving digestion and skin tone.

Exercise doesn’t need to be exhausting. There are lots of FREE classes to follow online if you are stuck at home, do a little research, ask your friends and try out a yoga or pilates class. They promote blood flow and boost energy levels.



Herbal teas have many renowned health benefits. Steeping loose leaves allows water to flow, infuse and expand, extracting aromas, minerals and vitamins. Hot drinks during this period will help the system enormously.


Drinking a few cups of herbal tea a day can really help your body detox as well as boost your immune system.

Try Inlight Detox & Revive or Spicy & Warm Teas. Take Vitamin C and try to eat as much raw organic fruit and vegetables as possible.



Give your self a few daily routines to structure your day.

Try to not criticise others: they are often your mirror and avoid criticising yourself too much too!


Face each day as it was the first of your life.
Look at everything with wonder.
Learn things in a new way without taking them for granted. Be kind and patient with yourself.  Give out more smile, encourage others, care for the planet, give thanks.’