Your Skin in Menopause

Menopause can bring many noticeable changes to the way we feel, mentally and physically including changes to our skin and hair. With the right care we can ‘tackle’ these together and allow our bodies to smoothly embrace the transition.

This natural cycle happens to women generally in their 50s and the inevitable changes officially begin a year after the menstrual cycle ends (although it can also start earlier for some due to surgery or illness).

Dr Mariano Spiezia, medical doctor, herbalist and skin expert explains: ‘during menopause, changes to the skin and hair naturally occur. This is due to the nature of the skin and its sensitivity to the hormones produced and released by the ovaries: estrogens, androgens and progesterone. The skin is rich in nerve endings and contains a high number of receptors for estrogens: this is why it literally "withers”, when these hormones are missing.’


Signs of menopause on the skin: loss of collagen

As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen and skin loses elasticity. According to the North American Menopause Society, the collagen slow-down can start in your mid-to-late 20s and increases in the early years of menopause, which is when most women form wrinkles, wounds heal more slowly, hair becomes dull and dry, ligaments stiffer. You can see why it is important to look after your skin from early age instead of running for cover when the damage is already done.


The lack of estrogen in menopause impacts on all the components of the skin reducing the ability of the stratum corneum to maintain a good hydration, and thinning the skin’s layers. The skin can loose 2% of collagen per year, in the 10-15 years after menopause starts. The content of elastic fibers is reduced and there is a drop in both hyaluronic acid and water, as well as vascularization. That is why wrinkles worsen and furrows sink.’ - says Dr Spiezia.

If the menopause natural changes weren’t enough, when we reach the age of 50, the pH level of our skin also changes. Skin becomes more sensitive meaning irritations are also more likely to occur. This is where choosing the right skincare products is key.


Sebaceous glands shrink following menopause; and less oil is secreted. Skin inevitably dries out and needs hydrating more. It is important to replenish it with oils rich in the natural chemicals present on the skin (which are lost during this time) together with targeted botanical extracts, high in antioxidants, as these can slow down the ageing process keeping the skin healthy. Look for argan, rose hip and evening primrose oils combined with barley grass, bilberry, spirulina, carrot extracts, to name a few.’ continues Dr Spiezia.

 Skincare For Menopause

Tips for managing skin during menopause:

  • Moisturise your skin daily and use an organic, natural SPF under your make up – this can help prevent further thinning and protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Use a rich, waterless moisturiser on face and body – particularly after a shower/bath and a night balm to work during your sleep when the skin is most relaxed and can slowly absorb nutrients.
  • You may see pouches appear under your eyes – cooling the area reduces inflammation and swelling increasing lymphatic flow. Products rich in Ingredients such burdock root extract (detoxing), green coffee and witch hazel (astringents), camu camu extract (anti-oxidant) can help.
  • Your skin will be more prone to bruising, apply arnica-rich products to bumps! This amazing plant is well known for helping increase circulation by stimulating white blood cell activity, thereby reducing inflammation.


Hair care during menopause

Menopause can lead to thinning, breakage or hair loss in many women. During menopause In addition to hormonal decline other factors can contribute to hair thinning including a diet poor in nutrients, high stress levels, beside a genetic predisposition.


Dry Hair During Menopause


Tips for managing hair during menopause: 

-Use a hair mask weekly to fortify and nourish. Inlight Hair Elixir is a concentrated of nourishers such as avocado & argan oil, repairing nettle and horsetail, and it’s rich in fenugreek acclaimed for strengthening hair follicles.

-Reduce animal proteins in your diet and increase organic nuts and vegetables rich in Beta-Carotene, chlorophyll and antioxidant minerals such as carrots, beetroots, broccoli, watercress & spinach etc


Menopause is a natural process beyond our control, but it’s nothing to worry about. Speak to other women to share the experience, join a gentle exercise class for menopause, look after yourself more than ever: this change can be a positive experience of self-discovery, the dawn of new beginnings.



Our best skincare for the menopause:

Deep Moisture Balm:
rich balm ideal for dry and tired skin in need of extra daily moisture.  Star ingredients: evening primrose oils, carrot oil, shea butter, calendula extract, gotu kola extract, lemon peel extract.

Line Softener Intensive: topical balm for mature skin to stimulate collagen production and soften facial lines. Star ingredients: argan oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, rose hip extract, barley grass extract, spirulina extract, horsetail extract.

Body Oil with Arnica: post shower/bath sumptuous massage oil to stimulate circulation and promote suppleness. Star ingredients: arnica flowers, apricot Kernel oil, evening primrose oil.

Under Eye Revive: decongesting panacea for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Star ingredients: camu camu, gotu kola, green tea, green coffee.

Arnica & Hyssop Balm: to help reduce swelling and bruising. Star ingredients: arnica flowers, hypericum, hyssop, meadowsweet.

Rosemary & Hypericum Balm: to ease stiff muscles and joints. Star ingredients: rosemary, hypericum, ginger 

Hair Elixir: to stimulate hair growth, fortify and nourish. Star ingredients: argan, avocado, jojoba and rosa rubiginosa oils 

Neck Firming Serum: concentrated botanical serum complex to help firm, smooth, and tone skin on neck and décolleté which is thinner and more prone to creasing than the face. Star Ingredients: cacay oil, green coffee, camu camu


Discover our full range of skincare for the menopause here. If you have any questions make sure to check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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