Your Skin's role this Valentine's

This month sees Valentine’s Day, a day of celebration of Love.
Most people see love as an expression of a feeling, a kind action, a connection.

Did you know that our skin plays a big part in Love too?

Our skin definitely plays a key role in the communication between our external and internal world mediating very important reactions that can improve our lives and self-confidence.

Its complexity is fascinating; In one square centimeter of your skin, there are:

-200 nerve endings for pain
-25 nerve endings for touch, 12 nerve for heat, and two for cold.
-There are also approximately four meters of nerve fibers
-one meter of capillaries
-15 sebaceous glands
-3 million epithelial cells

Skin and Love
When two people touch, their skin becomes ‘one’ even if for a few seconds as thousands of nerve ending awaken and speed up towards the brain.
The feelings of that moment is then registered and stored in the brain. Love, security, protection are all ‘filed’ as positive memories.

The result will be that every time you will be touched by that person the brain will automatically and unconsciously dig out that warm feeling and release endorphins -hormones of happiness- and you will feel relaxed and let go the self-preservation (a shield we wrap up with to survive on this planet!)

Isn’t our skin wonderful! Take care of it with the Love it deserves, cleanse, nourish and indulge it.

Wishing you all a month full of happy moments and a lifetime of Love (weather it is an emotion, an attraction, kindness, compassion or attraction!)

Notes from Dr Spiezia:
You may not know that the brain and the skin belong to the same embryonic layer (the layer of embryonic cells developing the baby’s body in the womb) and starting from the very beginning of life they will be closely linked for ever. Skin is a precious gift and much more than an outfit and should be looked after and celebrated!

If you feel you need an extra treat for your skin this Valentine, take a long warm bath with about 150grs of Himalayan salt (to draw out toxins) and follow up with a gentle massage with our Body Oil. Our Under Eye Revive will give your eyes that special glow and awaken tired eyes.