Q&A with Dr Spiezia

What prompted you to create the Inlight range and why should a medical doctor decide to formulate and produce a line of skin care?

Having been trained in Homeopathy and Clinic Phytotherapy as well as in Medicine and Surgery, I’ve been able to observe the functions of the human body from different angles. My observations have totally confirmed Dr Hering’s law (doctor & homeopath who introduced homeopathy into the USA in the 1800s) ‘‘the vital energy within the body works from the inside to the outside in order to clear inner toxicity’’.

The skin is the last layer and organ to be affected by a detox, in a holistic medical approach. When in Italy, I ran a detox centre for some years and during that fascinating time I have seen how the skin participates in the detox action as it releases inner waste; the emunctory function.

What can you define as a core feature of your formulations?

The power of Inlight lies most importantly in the synergy between the individual ingredients. Other key factors, in addition to my medical background expertise are the artisanal production, and our own herbal extracts, the base of all Inlight skincare products, obtained by infusing the 100% organic selected herbs, flowers and roots into vegetable cold pressed oils which all share a similar composition to our own skin sebum. Exposed to the sun and moonlight for some weeks the herbs slowly release their properties making these extracts rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, pigments such as chlorophyll, vital nutriment for the skin.

Why the organic choice? 

Organic is what Nature intended in the first place.

In my work I have seen first-hand the strong connection between the environment and our health. Our lifestyle choices have a huge impact, not only on ourselves but everyone and everything around. Unfortunately there are hundreds of chemical concoctions on our crops. These then transfer into our system, leaving a trail of side effects, which might only come to light after years when it’s too late to address them. By choosing certified organic food, cosmetics, even clothes, we are helping to safe guard our future whilst gaining better health and letting the planet thrive once again.

Our body is our planet too isn’t it? We can’t pollute the Planet without taking into consideration that we are polluting our own lives. In fact anything we do to Nature comes back to us sooner or later. I strongly feel organic is the way forward…

Why oils with no water?
Why would you dilute nature? In all ancient traditions, oils have been used to protect, moisten and nourish the skin for their similarity to the skin’s own sebum, which protects the skin from the outside. Therefore oils are recognized both chemically and energetically by our body and interact positively with the other chemical compounds on our skin. The oils we choose – very rich in omega 3 & 6 – also have the ability to transfer the beneficial ingredients of the herbs we use in our products and onto your skin. Moreover by avoiding water, we also avoid the use of chemical preservatives which are needed in water based skincare.

In addition, our skin is waterproof meaning water based products mostly evaporate rather than sink into our skin.

Why the name Inlight?
Inlight is our own radiant energy coming from inside which reflects on our skin: Bringing beauty to life.

What would you recommend (apart from Inlight) for a healthy and beautiful skin?

You don’t want me to list all the fresh veggies, fruits to eat and lifestyle changes on here, do you?! My advice, besides all the suggestions you get everyday from many other experts, would be: think less ‘me, me, me’ and more ‘you, you, you’; learn to breath well as oxygen is the key, choose an organic lifestyle and always see the glass half full. It’s now a fact that if you laugh more you live longer and better so laugh more and leave your laughter-lines to me!


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