Join us at Fenwick's - Detox & Revive

Come and have a one to one with Inlight's ambassador Amani at Fenwick of Bond Street, London from the 31st January - 2nd February.
Expect to delve in Inlight's Detox & Revive programme, trial our products, have your questions answered and receive complimentary samples to take home.

Exclusive Free gift with any purchase over the 3 days.

Why Detox?

In the colder, winter months, capillaries contract and reduce the supply of oxygen to the skin which can cause dryness. Regular stimulation is therefore very important.The detox process works on both the outer and inner layers of the skin, gentle exfoliation will clear the outer layer of debris in the form of dead skin cells, impurities or pollutants.
Stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems using our selected balms and oils will support the skin in expelling inner debris and toxins from its deeper layers, whilst providing effective nourishment.
Drinking plenty of water and warm herbal teas will also aid the process from the inside.

Our Programme:

Dr.Spiezia's Detox & Revive Programme  features a selection of complementary skincare and wellness products  to deliver health and beauty inside and out.
A 4 week plan designed to clear, cleanse and energise you at all levels.
It includes our easy to follow 'how to' manual with breathing exercises, dietary guidance, and a detailed skincare routine.