Organic September

How choosing organic beauty products benefits both you and the planet.

Just a short while ago, ‘organic skincare’ was little more than a buzzword. Many in the beauty industry believed it to be a passing fad. But fast forward a few years and organic beauty is an industry of its own, that’s well on its way to being valued at just under $8 billion by 2028. Thankfully, campaigns like the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September,’ have made great strides towards educating people about the benefits of switching to organically cultivated products. In honour of Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week which falls between the 11th and 17th of September, we’ve decided to delve into the whats, whys and hows of going organic. Keep reading to learn more about why we believe Mother Nature knows best.

Go organic this September

Organic September is an annual awareness month that invites us all to embark on a life-changing journey that transcends consumption – it's a celebration of mindful choices. Throughout the month, we're encouraged to explore the bounty of organic produce and learn more about farming methods that are kinder to people and the planet. What started as a movement to enlighten consumers on the benefits of eating organic food, has evolved into something so much more than a culinary adventure.

Organic September is a holistic experience that delves into the heart of eco-friendly farming practices, unveiling the stories of passionate farmers who work in harmony with the land and who care about the communities they feed. We like to think of it as a month of awakening, an opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection with the earth, one lifestyle choice at a time.

What makes organic ingredients different?

Many still don’t quite understand what it means to buy products that contain truly organic ingredients and why it’s important. Although ‘agroecological’ farming systems can be quite intricate and complex, there are a few fundamental principles which apply. These include:

Healthy soil, healthy produce:

Organic farming champions the vitality of soil. Farmers steer clear of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, focusing instead on nourishing the earth with compost, cover crops, and crop rotation. This nurturing approach leads to robust soil structure, enhanced water retention, and a vibrant microbial ecosystem – a true foundation for thriving crops.

No to synthetic pesticides:

One of the hallmarks of organic farming is the rejection of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Instead, natural alternatives like neem oil, garlic spray, and diatomaceous earth are used to keep pests at bay. This not only reduces chemical residue on produce but also fosters a balanced ecosystem where beneficial insects can flourish.

Think biodiversity:

Organic farms resemble miniature ecosystems where biodiversity flourishes. By embracing diverse plant species, farmers attract a myriad of beneficial insects and pollinators, ensuring a delicate ecological equilibrium. This harmony, in turn, reduces the need for external interventions to combat pests and diseases.

Crop rotation:

The choreography of crop rotation is a masterstroke in organic farming. By alternating crops seasonally, nutrient depletion is curtailed, pest cycles are disrupted, and the soil's natural fertility is rejuvenated. It's a harmonious dance that keeps the land vibrant and productive.

Sustainability first:

From water conservation to energy efficiency, sustainability is interwoven into the fabric of organic farming. Minimizing waste, reducing carbon footprints, and prioritizing renewable resources are par for the course.

Yes to transparency:

Organic farming isn't just a philosophy; it's a practice upheld through rigorous certification. Certifying bodies ensure that farmers adhere to the principles of organic farming, ensuring that what reaches your table is genuinely organic.

Did you know?...

We’re proud to be the first brand in the UK to have received 100% organic certification across our whole range from The Soil Association. What this means is that all Inlight Beauty products abide by the COSMOS Standard, a consumer guarantee that involves a series of stringent criteria for best-in-class organic skincare and natural beauty products. Attaining accreditation requires compliance on several important levels, including the promotion of products produced by means of organic agriculture and in a way that respects biodiversity.

Soil Association Organic Certification ensures the whole supply chain, from the farm onwards, has been independently reviewed, giving you peace of mind that the product lives up to its organic claims.'

The Standard also requires that organic skincare product manufacturers use natural resources responsibly, implementing processes that are in line with human health and environmentally sound principles.

Why you should choose organic beauty

We like to think of our botanical beauty products as existing at the intersection of self-care and environmental stewardship. At the heart of organic beauty lies a profound respect for nature's wisdom. When you choose organic skincare, you’re not only choosing a way forward that’s better for the earth, you’re also choosing to protect your skin from harsh chemicals and additives that can sometimes irritate and disrupt the skin’s delicate balance. If your skin leans towards the sensitive side, organic beauty might just be your skin's best friend. Free from synthetic fragrances and harsh preservatives, organic skincare products are designed to pamper even the most delicate complexions with a gentle touch.

Choosing natural skincare products also allows you to embrace beauty that doesn't compromise your ethics or personal values. As a means of production, it treads lightly on the environment, from sustainable sourcing practices to biodegradable packaging. So by choosing organic, you're casting a vote for a greener, more responsible industry.

Our top 4 organic skincare hero ingredients:


In the realm of natural skincare, few ingredients possess the nurturing charm of organic calendula. Derived from the sunny marigold flower, this botanical gem has been cherished for centuries for its ability to soothe irritated skin and deliver an antioxidant punch. 

Find it in our Tumeric & Calendula Relief Balm

Jojoba Oil

This magical botanical oil boasts a unique composition that mimics the skin's natural sebum, making it a superb choice for all skin types. Whether you're prone to oiliness or battling dryness, this oil can help bring your skin's equilibrium back to harmony. For those grappling with skin irritations, jojoba oil emerges as a soothing savior. Its anti-inflammatory properties help calm redness, itching, and even eczema, offering your skin a moment of tranquil respite.

Find it in our Night Balm

Rosemary Extract

Commonly found around us, and native to dry and rocky areas of the Mediterranean, this fragrant evergreen has many uses.  

In skincare, it helps to decongest, balance, and tone the skin. With its naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it’s a hero ingredient to look out for and include in your daily routine.

Find it in our Face Cleanser

Damask Rose Oil

This luxurious elixir that is distilled from the delicate petals of the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena) and brings with it a bouquet of benefits that will elevate your skincare routine to an enchanting sensory experience. 

Find it in our Face Oil


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