The art of Gua Sha

The term Gua Sha (pronounced gwa sha) may not be new to your ears.

Although an ancient Chinese massage tool, this versatile stone and massage technique has reappeared in our lives, popping up on our screens, on social media, articles and via celebs around the globe.  

The Gua Sha tool itself comes in many shapes and stones to be used on the face as well as body. You can find smooth sculpting shapes in quartz, jade, amethyst and more. Some can even resemble a comb with sharp and pointy shapes.

Each design and stone comes with its own purpose. 

Different types of Gua Sha stone

The art of massaging with massage stones or tools has been used in East Asia for centuries to remedy a plethora of illnesses and to improve blood circulation. Hands, coins, tins, spoons and other household objects have all been used in the past to perform this century-old self-care practice. 

Like a lot of ancient practices, Gua Sha has made itself into westernised beauty, and many therapists now offer Gua Sha massages, such as facials or full body,  in their clinics. Applied with medium to intense pressure, it is a deep form of massage (similar to a sports massage) that can cause bruises and redness over the body.  Make sure that your therapist is vouched for and has the right experience prior to booking your Gua Sha massage.


Gua Sha massages aren’t reserved for the salon

A gentler and more relaxing adaptation of Gua Sha massage is possible for you to do at home. 

When used on the face, the gentle pressure and strokes encourage the energy flow whilst a smooth-edged stone helps the skin’s elasticity and tone.
We recommend using a Gua Sha weekly (if not daily) incorporated into your beauty ritual. It’s a great way to really pause and give yourself that much-needed ‘me time’ as it can't be rushed. 


Benefits of Gua Sha Massage

When used correctly and regularly (as part of a program or at home) Gua sha massage has proven to:

  • Relax muscle tension
  • Help with drainage – freeing accumulated toxins, reducing inflammation and puffiness
  • Tone, lift and sculpt
  • Minimise facial lines
  • Promote wellbeing


How to use a Gua Sha

If you are new to the art of Gua Sha, below is a video of our own Ritual.

Pause and reflect. Breathe in the aroma of the products you are using and ground yourself into the moment. Following the step by step routine, take an extra few minutes to apply the stone on your pressure points for added deep relaxation. 

TIP: create a safe calm space in your room or bathroom dedicated to your self-care routines, where you can go back to time and again. 


What products should I use? 

When selecting the skincare that will accompany your Gua Sha ritual, care should be taken as the pressure the stone provides will also enhance the product/ingredient absorption. 

Your Gua Sha should be used after you have applied your moisturiser and any topical creams (such as our Face Oil or Night Balm ). Before, Cleanse and Tone as normal. Lean into your skincare and embrace the opulence of slowness.

Water-based skincare evaporates quickly, which can make your Gua Sha drag uncomfortably across your face. This pull could counteract any of the positive effects of your routine and be quite painful.

We suggest using waterless and oil-based skincare which allows it to glide, due to the rich concentrated formula. An oil or balm will also deeply hydrate the skin more than a cream one, adding to the luxury of your experience.


Bring the art of Gua Sha home

Self-care is not selfish, it is a necessity for us all. It offers the opportunity for you to connect with your needs and your body. 

“Oftentimes, we forget to include ourselves in the picture. We pride ourselves in caring for others, extending endless amounts of patience and consideration to those around us, but how often do we grant ourselves the same guilt-free kindness, attention, and care?” Dr Spiezia reminds us.

Your evening Gua Sha ritual offers you the opportunity to give yourself the attention you may have been denying yourself. You are worth the time and effort. 


WHY is a regular Self-Care Routine important:

  • The anticipation itself, can release ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • A regular self care act offers you stability in that moment, thus benefitting mental health.
  • By recharging yourself, you can be more open/present in the lives of your loved ones.

Our Gua Sha Experience Set is the perfect starter pack for you to begin curating your very own evening Gua Sha routine. Perfect for the gifting season, it can be a present for you or a loved one.

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