Our Ethos

We believe in an inner beauty stemming from vibrant health.
Our aim is to reveal and encourage the natural beauty and inner light in each and every one of us through healthy, radiant skin.


'Beauty shines through a perfect synergy between our inner and outer selves'


Specially selected, 100% organic Soil Association certified ingredients are used to craft each Inlight product. We know that nature is at its richest when it's allowed to grow unhindered by fertilisers, pesticides and GM contamination.



Inlight is proud to be the very first UK skincare company to gain Cosmos accreditation and we will continue to work closely with the Soil Association to maintain the best possible standards in the beauty industry.

~ For us, ethical beauty means acting with respect for our natural environment and its resources. We act on a daily basis to ensure we tread lightly on this earth.

~All packaging at Inlight is responsibly and sustainably sourced, recycled where possible and recyclable. We are constantly looking at ways to ensure our consumption is a conscious, considered choice. Our best for the beauty-full world we share.

~We use MIRON Violet glass for our inner packaging. Unlike other glass, the unique properties of MIRON glass don’t allow any visible light to pass through, with the exception of violet light and the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light. This protects both quality and vitality of the products for longer.

~Each balm comes with a sustainably sourced Rosewood spatula, handcrafted in India supporting local fair trade communities. 

~We are proud to display the Leaping Bunny accreditation (Cruelty Free International). Inlight is only ever tested on willing humans!
Our collections are suitable for vegetarians and all our oils are vegan friendly.

    Years of research, scientific knowledge and love for nature 
make Inlight one of a kind, with products that work on and with your skin for visible, lasting results.