Skin Aid Kit - skin essentials on the go

We are very excited to reveal our Skin Aid Kit – A Natural topical ‘first aid’ to use wherever you are.

The set includes all 5 ointments from Dr Spiezia’s wellness range in portable petite size, in our organic cotton zip pouch.
The set will cover the most common yet bothersome skin conditions from dry, itchy to red and sore. Safe for all ages

'I still remember when I decided to create the ointment collection;

I was studying some of the most fascinating medicinal herbs, I have always been in awe of Mother Nature, the perfection created over millions of years of evolution. I was astonished to see in my research how many solutions could be found by reconnecting with Her.' Says Dr Spiezia 

'I wanted to tackle the most common skin ailments with gentle but powerful formulas, creating something that would benefit people and reconnect them with Mother Nature, our Origin! restoring the lost balance, even on the skin.

That was it. In a few days, the new range was born (on paper at least!) after a few months of trials and testing the ointments were finalised with overwhelming positive feedback.’
Inlight Formulator, Dr Mariano Spiezia 


The ointment range was (and is) formulated with sensitive and problem skin in mind, being very gentle yet powerful – The original recipes remain, however over the years the production process has evolved with more alchemic and energising techniques being applied.


Key ingredients & Contents

Calendula & Damask Rose Soothing Balm 7ml – For delicate, red, sore skin.
Calendula is one of the most powerful skin healers, stimulating the skin regeneration and cicatrisation. Excellent on sensitive, delicate skin including babies.


Inlight Beauty Natural First Aid Kit

Propolis & Tea Tree Rescue Balm 7ml – For breakouts, acne prone skin.

Propolis is produced by bees collecting resin from trees. It has known antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal together with antioxidant properties. Useful on cracked skin prone to breakouts.


Rosemary & Hypericum Recovery Balm 7ml – For aching, tense, muscles and joints.
Rosemary extract/oil is a very good local stimulating that increases the skin blood flow and circulation. It has also anti-inflammatory action.  Great on sore muscle and joints.


Turmeric & Calendula Relief Balm 7ml – For dry, itchy skin prone to eczema.

Turmeric has got many properties of which the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant are some of the most important. Together with the Calendula extract, it works wonders to soothe skin in need of attention.


Arnica & Hyssop Trauma Balm 7ml – For bruised, sore and swollen joints. 
Arnica is a precious mountain flower whose extract has anti-traumatic, anti-bruise properties.  Praised for encouraging cell regeneration.


 Experience Organic Healing With Our Skin Aid Kit

Our Skin Aid Kit is perfect for on-the-go healing. Specially formulated to work with your body and the power of nature, it is a must-have for any home that values the power of nature. 

Buy our Skin Aid Kit today for natural skin 'First Aid'.



'What a fab find! this has been incredible to soothe my little ones's skin. He has suffered with itchy dry skin from birth, this is the only cream I have tried which seems to work. Perfect for sensitive skin and you only need a small amount, lasts ages!' Joanna, Turmeric & Calendula Balm

'I’m especially impressed with the Rosemary healing balm as I tore my foot ligaments and used this balm as a soothing massage for 18 months. Fab results!' Jan, Rosemary Balm 

'I work in the care industry and this balm has been an absolute treat! My hands were so sore and dry from over washing, this product has made a huge difference. Smells amazing, it goes on smoothly, lasts ages and feels luxurious. Just haven!' Caroline, Calendula & Damask Rose Balm

'Big shout out for Inlights Arnica & Hyssop Trauma Balm - after dropping a full tin of cleaner on my big toe, I couldn’t believe the progress in two days' Do, Arnica Balm

'I brought this for my daughter to try and her breakouts - she has been using it topically as directed and we have noticed huge improvements after a week of use. I was skeptical as it is oil based but pleasantly surprised. Great to know its truly organic and natural.' Clair M, Propolis & TeaTree Balm